In a Twinkling: Instant Gifts

For the people on your list who already seem to have everything, here are some fun and practical gifts.
Well Equipped
New Home Decorator Gift

For the New Home Decorator (about $40) Give a new homeowner some decorating basics with a fabric-covered caddy of handy tools. Include a small rotary mat and cutter set, a staple gun, a small hot-glue gun, fabric glue, fusible adhesive tape (for no-sew hems), a small level (for hanging pictures), a grommet kit, and upholstery needles. To make the caddy, cover a plastic tote with decorator fabric, securing the fabric with thick white crafts glue. Trim with drapery cording.

Cozy Hearth Gift

A Cozy Hearth (about $40) What could be better than a toasty fire on a cold winter evening? For your fire-tender, pack heavy-duty suede gloves, kindling, extra-long matches, and a shovel in a galvanized ash bucket. Pinecones treated to create colorful flames and peat-pot fire starters are also fun.

Car-Grooming Kit

Car-Grooming Kit (about $40) For the proud owner of a new car, assemble a kit to keep the auto looking (and smelling) new. In a plastic bucket that can be used for washing the car, pack the following from the automotive department of a discount store: bug and tar remover, a dashboard duster, interior polish for the dash, scratch remover, a washing mitt, a chamois for spotless drying, and new-car spray fragrance.

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