Holiday Food Gifts: Recipes & Wrapping Ideas Featuring Recyclables

Transform recycled items into containers to wrap Christmas food gifts. Browse our fun wrapping ideas and recipes to bake, mix, and give.

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  • Paper-Covered Parchment Box for Sweets

    An empty parchment paper box goes in disguise when covered with patterned paper and embellished with felt trim and a button closure.

    1. Remove the sharp edge of a parchment paper box. Using crafts glue, cover the outside of box with scrapbooking paper.

    2. Cut three pieces of light blue felt: one long piece to go across the front flap and two shorter pieces to go on each of the ends. Adhere the felt to the box with crafts glue.

    3. Attach a large button with crafts glue to the front of the box.

    4. Tie one end of a piece of colored string into a loop large enough to slip around the button. Tie the opposite end of string around the button. Pull the looped end under the box and over lid to attach the string loop to the button to keep the box closed.

    5. Line the box with parchment paper and fill with goodies. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

  • Paper-Covered Parchment Box for Sweets: Materials

    What You'll Need:

    Parchment paper box, scrapbooking paper, crafts glue, light blue felt, button, colored string, parchment paper

    Editior's Tip: You can substitute an empty foil, waxed paper, or plastic wrap box for the parchment paper box. You can also use waxed paper to line the box.

  • Chalk Board-Painted Container for Treats

    Paint turns an ice cream container into a message board for a holiday greeting.

    1. Remove the lid from a clean ice cream container. Paint the outside of the container with chalkboard paint.

    2. Trace the shape of the lid top onto a piece of scrapbooking paper and cut out the shape. Adhere the paper cutout to the top of the lid.

    3. Once the paint has dried, write a greeting on the sides of the container with chalk and fill with holiday favorites. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

  • Chalk Board-Painted Container for Treats: Materials

    What You'll Need:

    Ice cream container, chalkboard paint, scrapbooking paper, scissors, glue stick, chalk

    Editor's Tip: For extra holiday cheer, use colored chalk to draw a holiday scene on the container. To keep the chalk from smearing, before filling the container with treats, put the lid on the container and lightly spray the sides with a fixative. Let it dry.

  • Frosty Friend Container for Candies

    With a few easy embellishments, an empty lemonade container comes to life to resemble a frosty friend.

    1. Remove the label from a plastic powdered lemonade container.

    2. Using crafts glue, adhere a pom-pom to each side of the lid. Then glue the ends of a chenille stem directly above each pom-pom.

    3. Crumple a 1x1-inch square of orange construction paper between your fingertips to create a small cone shape. Glue the paper cone onto the container with crafts glue.

    4. Tie a piece a piece of wide rickrack around the center of the container for the snowman's scarf. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

  • Frosty Friend Container for Candies: Materials

    What You'll Need:

    Plastic lemonade container, blue pom-poms, black chenille stem, orange construction paper, crafts glue, rickrack

    Editor's Tip: Packaging information is often printed on top of the container lid. If you wish, cut a small circle from white scrapbooking paper or cardstock and affix it with crafts glue to cover the printing.

  • Ribbon-Covered Basket for Snacks

    With a festive ribbon cover and handle, a potato chip canister transitions into a charming basket.

    1. Starting just below the rim of a potato chip canister, wrap strips of wide ribbon around the can (make sure all strips start and end on the same side), affixing each end with crafts glue. Use the same color for the whole canister, or try a variety of coordinating colors.

    2. Starting from the base of the seam side, glue one long piece of accenting narrow ribbon along the canister -- to form a handle -- and back down the other side to the base. Make sure to add a little slack of ribbon at the top for the handle.

    3. Add a narrow ribbon strip around the center of the container for added visual interest. When glue dries, fill the canister with treats. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

  • Ribbon-Covered Basket for Snacks: Materials

    What You Need:

    Empty potato chip canister, wide ribbon, narrow ribbon, accent ribbon (optional)

    Editor's Tip: When in doubt, don't throw them out. Whether you decorate them or not, potato chip canisters make perfect containers for storing homemade snacks and stackable cookies.

  • Fuzzy Frilled Container for Cookies

    Ribbon frocks a recycled plastic fruit container with frills for gift giving.

    1. Tie a ribbon around the perimeter of the top of an empty plastic fruit container.

    2. Using a permanent marker pen, write the recipe name on a metal tag.

    3. Using crafts glue, affix the tag to the top of the container. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

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    Fuzzy Frilled Container for Cookies: Materials

    What You Need:

    Plastic fruit container, fuzzy ribbon, metal tag, permanent marker, crafts glue

    Editor's Tip: Metal tags can be purchased at hobby or crafts stores, or you can get the same effect by using a silver sticker.

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    Coffee Can Canister for Dog Treats

    An empty coffee can and a small dog collar create a clever canister for delivering treats to your favorite pooch.

    1. Slide a metal scrapbooking letter onto the ring of a paper key tag. Attach the tag to a small dog collar.

    2 Place the dog collar around the outside of a small coffee can. See the next slide for a materials list.

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    Coffee Can Canister for Dog Treats: Materials

    What You'll Need:

    Metal scrapbooking letter, paper key tag, small dog collar, small coffee can

    Editor's Tip: You can substitute any clean 28-ounce or larger can for an empty coffee can.

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    Frosted Bottle for Liqueur

    A mini wine bottle takes on a frosty finish with a quick spray of easy-to-use frosted glass spray.

    1. Cut a paper circle and adhere it to the bottle with a piece of double-sided tape.

    2. Spray the bottles with the frosted glass spray, following the instructions on the spray can. Let dry, remove the round piece of paper, and apply a round holiday sticker in its place. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

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    Frosted Bottle for Liqueur: Materials

    What You'll Need:

    4-pack mini wine bottles, die-cut paper circle, double-sided tape, frosted glass spray, round snowflake stickers

    Editor's Tip: Use any size or shape of sticker you wish, but be sure to cover the area on which it will be placed with a comparable-size piece of paper before spraying. Once the bottle is sprayed, the sticker won't adhere to the sprayed area.

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    Paper-Trimmed Container for Sweet Treats

    Letters dangling from strings and patterned paper give a recycled oatmeal container a store-bought look.

    1. Remove the label from an oatmeal container. Using a paper punch, punch four sets of two stacked holes close to the top of the container on one side.

    2. Cut a 2-inch-tall strip of scrapbooking paper. Attach the strip around the top of the container, covering the holes, with a glue stick. Repunch holes to cut paper.

    3. Affix another piece of scrapbooking paper around the remainder of the container.

    4. Thread a piece of string through each top hole and back through the bottom hole of each set; tie on lettered beads to spell out "Noel." See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

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    Paper-Trimmed Container for Sweet Treats

    What You'll Need:

    Small oatmeal container, hole punch, scrapbooking papers (in two coordinating patterns), colored string, letter beads

    Editor's Tip: To lid the container, trace the lid shape onto a piece of scrapbooking paper and cut it out. Use the glue stick to attach it to the top of the lid.

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    Egg Carton Caddy for Candies

    A simple paper wrap around the lid and a sheer ribbon tie turns a traditional egg carton into a cute caddy for candies and cookies.

    1. Cut a sheet of scrapbooking paper to wrap around the lid of an egg carton. Cut out the squares where the notches in the top of the lid are located. Attach the paper to the egg carton using a glue stick.

    2. Place paper baking cups in the egg spaces and arrange a candy inside each liner.

    3. Wrap a sheer ribbon lengthwise around the container and tie it on top. See the next slide for a materials list.

    Recipe Ideas:

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    Egg Carton Caddy for Candies: Materials

    What You'll Need:

    Egg carton, scrapbooking paper, glue stick, paper baking cups, sheer ribbon

    Editor's Tip: Either a pressed cardboard or foam carton works for this project. Substitute crafts glue for a glue stick when affixing a paper cover to a foam carton.

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