Christmas Gifts: 20+ Cute and Clever Ideas to Try

Friends and family will adore these handy handmade Christmas gifts -- including dishware, vases, and other home accessories -- that are just as fun (and easy!) to make as they are to give. Start one of these simple Christmas crafts today so you can check everyone off your holiday gift list.

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Three-Step Christmas Centerpieces

Create a striking holiday centerpiece in just three steps. We have a special secret for the step one: How to lay the table runner.

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Creative Christmas Tree Themes

Be creative by decorating your Christmas tree with a favorite theme that suits your decorating style or your family's personality. We were inspired by a local festival of trees and have included tips for bringing the looks inside your own Christmas home. Bonus: We've included lighting tips to make your tree shine.

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Christmas Sugar Cookies

Turn a simple sugar cookie into a masterpiece this Christmas. Whether you like your sugar cookies soft or crisp, simply decorated or frosted with intricate designs, these sugar cookie recipes are sure to sweeten up your holiday season.

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Deck a Christmas Staircase in Two Steps

It's so simple to decorate your staircase for Christmas! Get our damage-free, two-step plan to ensure that the holiday spirit extends from first floor to second.

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Creative Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths don't have to be made from traditional evergreens -- in fact, we encourage you to mix it up with eucalyptus leaves, boxwood, lotus pods, and even items that don't come from nature, such as peppermint candies and pom-poms. These fun-to-make creative designs show you how to make Christmas wreaths with unexpected shapes, dazzling colors, and out-of-the-ordinary materials.

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Genius Christmas Hacks

Get ready for the Christmas season with our clever tricks to simplify the holidays. Including crafty Christmas wrapping ideas, must-try ideas for hosting guests, and why-didn't-I-think-of-that Christmas shortcuts, our tips for the holiday season are guaranteed to make your life easier.

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Popular in Christmas

Christmas Food Gifts: Recipes + Wrapping Ideas Using Jars

Get inspired by our clever Christmas food gift ideas that pair decorated jars with delicious recipes.


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    • Silver Spoon Finish for a Condiment Jar

      A trio of festive ribbon, a scrapbooking sticker, and a tiny silver spoon transform a tiny jar into a real treasure.

      1. Fill a half-pint jar with the condiment.

      2. Tie a ribbon around the jar like you would a present. Add a scrapbooking sticker in the center of the lid where the ribbons cross.

      3. Slide a small spoon underneath the ribbon.

      Recipe Options:

    • Silver Spoon Finish for a Condiment Jar: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Half-pint jar

      Scrapbooking stickers

      Small silver spoon


      Editor's Tip: Dig through boxes of mismatched tableware at garage sales, flea markets, antiques stores, and auctions. You can find an eclectic mix of tiny spoons, funky forks, cute cookie cutters, and more to use as nifty add-ons for food gifts. And, the best part -- they can be purchased for pennies.

    • String-Wrapped Jingle Jar for Cookie Mix

      A simple colored string provides a no-frills finish for a gift in a jar.

      1. Layer the mix in a quart jar following the recipe.

      2. Write the directions for mixing and baking the bars on a recipe card.

      3. Attach the card to the front of the jar by wrapping colored string or twine around the center of the jar several times; tie the ends.

      Recipe Options:

    • String-Wrapped Jingle Jar for Cookie Mix: Supplies

      Quart jar

      Recipe card

      Colored string or twine

      Editor's Tip: To make your own recipe card, start with a plain index card and use rubber stamps or permanent markers to add a design.

    • Towel Wrap for a Jar of Soup

      An old-fashioned flour sack towel tied around a jar of soup makes a gift filled with comfort.

      1. Fill a quart jar with cooled soup; fasten lid.

      2. Fold a flour sack towel several times to make a narrow band. Tie the towel band, topped with a colored ribbon, around the center of the jar.

      3. Tuck a gift tag into the towel.

      Recipe Options:

    • Towel Wrap for a Jar of Soup: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Quart jar

      Flour sack towel


      Gift tag

      Editor's Tip: Flour sack towels are traditionally plain and simple, but you also can find them printed with designs. If you choose one with a design, be sure to fold the towel so the color shows on the outside of the band.

    • String and Clothespin Wrap for a Jar of Spice Rub Mix

      A jar of spice rub mix takes on a new look when wrapped with colored string and classic twine, especially when a ribbon-covered clothespin as a label clip is added for appeal.

      1. Fill a small spice jar with the mix; fasten lid.

      2. Cut a piece of narrow ribbon to the length of a clothespin and adhere it using crafts glue.

      3. Wrap colored string and/or twine around the jar several times, and attach the clothespin to the twine.

      4. Clip a gift label with the clothespin.

      5. Include directions for using the mix.

      Recipe Options:

    • String and Clothespin Wrap for a Jar of Spice Mix: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Glass spice jar



      Colored string and/or twine

      Editor's Tip: Clothespins are sold in bags, so you¿ll probably have extras. Put them to good use in the laundry room or kitchen -- they make great clips for keeping bags of chips closed and for clipping pages of cookbooks open.

    • Cheesecloth Cover for a Jar of Pickled Veggies

      A cotton cheesecloth-covered lid tied with natural twine gives a humble jar an earthy look.

      1. Cut a square of 100-percent-cotton cheesecloth to fit over the lid of a pint jar.

      2. Place the cheesecloth square over the top of the jar, and tie twine around the jar lid to secure.

      3. Attach a paper gift tag using twine.

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      Cheesecloth Cover for a Jar of Pickled Veggies: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Pint jar

      100-percent-cotton cheesecloth

      Paper gift tag


      Editor's Tip: Can't find cheesecloth? Try muslin or medical gauze.

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      Jingle Bell Decorations

      An old Christmas card coupled with a few bells help to create a jar with a lot of jingle.

      1. Trace the lid of the jar onto a vintage Christmas card; cut out. Adhere the card to the top of the lid using crafts glue.

      2. Pour the desired sauce or pie mixture (see below) into the jar and let cool; fasten the lid.

      3. Thread small decorative bells onto a colored string tied around the jar.

      Recipe Options:

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      Jingle Bell Decorations: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Christmas card (ours is vintage, but any card will work)


      Colored string

      Small decorative bells

      Editor¿s Tip: Keep the Christmas cards you receive in the mail each year -- you never know when they can be repurposed. To save space, simply cut the colorful fronts from the cards and discard the rest.

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      Parchment Paper Label for Jar of Quick Bread Mix

      The formula for an easy jar wrap is to write the recipe name over and over on a piece of parchment paper for a wallpaper-print look.

      1. Layer the mix in a quart jar following the recipe.

      2. Use a permanent marker to write the recipe name several times on a piece of parchment paper to create a pattern.

      3. Tie the parchment paper around the jar using ribbon

      4. Include the directions for making and baking the mix.

      Recipe Options:

    • 14 of 19

      Parchment Paper Label for Jar of Quick Bread Mix: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Quart or pint jar

      Parchment paper

      Permanent marker


      Editor's Tip: Parchment paper works great as a substitute for wrapping paper. It's sturdy, white, and can be custom decorated with permanent markers.

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      Ribbon-Tied Jar for Brush-On Sauce

      The real work is in making the sauce, so the gift making stays simple with a piece of ribbon and a basting brush add-on.

      1. Fill a pint jar with sauce.

      2. Tie a ribbon around the jar, then slide a basting brush underneath the ribbon.

      3. Add a sprig of rosemary to the top of the jar for a festive touch.

      Recipe Options:

    • 16 of 19

      Ribbon-Tied Jar for Brush-On Sauce: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Pint jar

      Basting brush


      Editor's Tip: Fresh herbs tucked under the ribbon add a perfect homespun touch. You can snip them from your garden or pick them up at the grocery store. Use any extra sprigs for cooking.

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      Candy-Stripe Twist for a Jar of Cookie Mix

      Super simple -- red and white pipe cleaners add a candy-stripe twist to a canning jar.

      1. Trace a disk lid on a piece of scrapbooking paper; cut out.

      2. Layer the mix in a quart jar following the recipe.

      3. Place the piece of scrapbooking paper on the disk lid. Secure the rim lid around the paper-covered disk.

      4. Twist a white pipe cleaner onto each end of one red pipe cleaner. Position the center of the red pipe cleaner underneath the jar and bring the white pipe cleaners up the sides of the jar, twisting the ends together at the top.

      5. Affix a scrapbooking label sticker to the front of the jar.

      6. Include baking directions for the mix.

      Recipe Options:

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      Candy-Stripe Twist for a Jar of Cookie Mix: Supplies

      What You'll Need:

      Quart canning jar with disk and rimmed lid

      Scrapbooking paper

      Red and white pipe cleaners

      Scrapbooking sticker label

      Editor's Tip: If you have remnants of wrapping paper scraps, use them in place of the scrapbooking paper.

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