Pretty Gift Wraps and Bows

If you're tired of the same old Santa wrapping paper, take a cue from these gorgeous packages and the accompanying tips on getting the look.

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Christmas gift wrap
Decorate Die-Cut Boxes

    Create fun, festive mini gift boxes using die cuts or patterns. Many local scrapbooking stores have die-cutting systems and large box dies that you can use. Or use the same embellishments to dress up store-bought boxes. Glue decorative papers to the sides, then finish the look with a glittery initial in place of a gift tag.

Small Packages

    This beaded-top box is so elegant that it can live a second life storing jewelry. Cover the bottom of the box with gift paper, then paint the top of the box to match. When the paint is dry, brush on white crafts glue and adhere glass seed beads.

Baked with Love

    Bake a batch of cookies and wrap them up in felt to give away. Tie the ends with ribbon, then cut the extra fabric into strips. Or glue ribbon in a spiral around the package and add a metal tag dressed up with scrapbooking supplies.

Under the Tree

    Sparkling versions of a holiday tree disguise bottles of cider or wine. Use pinking shears to cut three 17x17x8-inch triangles from felt. Glue together the edges (leaving the bottom open) and tack on sequins, glitter, or other embellishments.

To the Brim

    Neutral papers get a lift from silky ribbons in soft greens and red. Accent each bow with a sprig of cedar or a floral pick of artificial berries. We placed ours in an outdoor urn plucked straight from the garden and filled it with small, ready-to-go parting gifts or favors.

Organdy Flower Pin

    To make them feel special, pamper your friends and family with fun extras, like this single-flower corsage made from organdy ribbon.

In the Bag

    Shiny boxes have their place, but sometimes you want to hint at the gift inside the wrap. So transform ready-made voile drawstring bags into fun packaging with this simple embellishment. Stitch 1/2-inch tinsel pom-poms to the outside of the bag. Enclose a small gift and add a round, metal-edge vellum gift tag for the finishing touch.

Style Delivery

    Tone-on-tone wrapping papers are paired with neutral ribbons and embellished with berried sprigs and fern stems. A wire harvest basket finds use in the snowy days of winter as a handy delivery tote for small gifts. Filled with coordinating gifts, the basket can function as a decoration too!

Santa's Little PC

    Use your home computer and printer as a wrapping paper factory. A repeated holiday phrase in a script font becomes elegant packaging for small gifts.

Candy-Stripe Box

    Nothing beats the classic combo of red and white. Reminiscent of a thick peppermint stick, this look requires combining crisp white paper, a white gift bow, and a length of crimson satin ribbon. And note -- these colors are also perfect for birthdays and Valentine's Day.

Fabric Finish

    Instead of using paper gift wrap this year, why not try wrapping gifts in your favorite cotton fabrics? Wrap as usual, securing the fabric with a bit of hot glue, and tie with a bold ribbon.

No Red, No Green

    Get a holiday look for your gifts by sticking to a limited color palette -- even if it isn't red, green, or gold. These gifts are wrapped in pink to coordinate with the room and, in addition to the paper and bows, have small touches of holiday sparkle.


    Tiny boxes are perfect to fill with truffles or a holiday ornament. Wrap them in a host of coordinating scrapbook papers for a lovely effect. Here, we filled a compote with tiny packages trimmed with colorful purple raffia and seashells. Hand out the packages to your guests at the end of the evening.

Natural Wrap

    Give packages an old-fashioned simplicity with solid-color paper and natural trims.

Stacked with Color

    Plain papers and plain ribbons are always a versatile choice for gift wrapping. These wrappings and ribbons don't match, but look festive when stacked together. This look would also be effective for a birthday party or anniversary.

Botanical Gift Wrap

    Present a small package in a botanical print.

Candy Gift Wrap

    Not enough ribbon? Just wrap a box in red and use hot glue to attach wrapped peppermint candies to the box top. (Tip: On shiny paper, glue the candies with crafts glue rather than hot glue.)

Kids' Drawings Wrap

    Kids' drawings make adorable wrapping papers that will bring smiles to all. Tie them with a narrow ribbon and present to someone special.

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