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Add that certain something to this year's gifts -- a handmade bow or pretty gift wrap that makes the outside as special as what's inside.


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    • How to Make a Classic Bow

      The standard gets an upgrade with this pretty technique that ensures your bows stay straight.

    • How to Make a Rosette Bow

      If you want big impact with a bow, this cross between a flower and a pom-pom delivers.

    • How to Make a Layered Bow

      Pile 'em high with this fluffy bow featuring multiple layers.

    • How to Make a Florist's Bow

      Loop and twist your way to a professional-looking bow. We love including fir and other natural elements as tuck-ins.

    • How to Make a Designer Bow

      Stacked loops are key to this designer-quality bow. Use it on your next gift-wrapped package.

    • How to Make a Mum Bow

      A bit of wired ribbon is the key to this fluffy bow. It’s easier than it looks!

    • How to Make a Tiered Bow

      Go for drama and texture with an oh-so-simple tiered bow.

    • How to Make a Pom-Pom Bow

      This three-step bow proves that you can make one that looks as pretty as a store-bought bow.

    • How to Make Bows for Wreaths and Packages

      Walk through a simple tutorial on a handful of great bows. We'll show you how to make them!

    • Gift Wrap Station
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      Storage Idea: Gift-Wrap Station

      Set aside a day to create a dreamy storage space for your gift wrap. See how!

    • Gift Wrap Closet
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      Storage Idea: Gift-Wrap Closet

      Dedicate the tiniest of spots for a loaded gift-wrap station. You won't believe how easy it is (and how much you'll love it)!

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      Easy Handmade Gift Bows for Christmas

      Get the look of expensive department store gift wrap in no time and for little money. Top your Christmas gifts with beautiful handmade bows.
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