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How to Make a Two-Toned Bow

Bows add polish to packages, wreaths, and all kinds of holiday decorating, and these beauties do it with ease.

Two-Toned Bow

Incorporate two colors from your wrapping paper into the bow with this clever two-toned bow.

Step 1

Choose two ribbons -- one wider than the other -- for your bow. Cut both ribbons twice the desired length of the finished bow. Form the wider piece into a loop and secure with glue. Center and wrap the narrower piece around the first and secure.

Step 2

Flatten the layered loop and secure in the center with glue. Cut another piece of ribbon; wrap and tie it around the center of the flattened loop.

Step 3

Pull the tails of the wrapped ribbon tight, trim the ends, and secure on the back of the bow with glue.


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