How to Make Festive Bows

Need a fun gift-wrapping idea? Learn how to tie a bow (or three) to make your next gift gorgeous. We'll show you how to make a classic, layered, or rosette bow.

How to Make Bows: Get Started!

Use bows to embellish a package for little expense. Master these three simple bow-making techniques and your gifts will always stand out in a crowd. To make handmade bows you'll need:

  • Ribbon in your color(s) of choice
  • Sharp scissors
  • Double-stick tape (for layered bow)
  • Ruler (for layered bow)
  • Florist's wire (for rosette bow)

Read on for our videos and how-to techniques.

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How to Make a Classic Bow
Classic Bow Instructions:
Enlarge Image Step 1

1. Make two loops in the ribbon. Form the left loop first. Make sure the tails of the ribbon are in back and that the slack between the two loops points toward you.

Enlarge Image Step 2

2. Cross the left loop over the right loop.

Enlarge Image Step 3

3. Continue wrapping the left loop over and behind the right loop. Pull it through the opening created in the slack area, and form a loose knot.

Enlarge Image Step 4

4. Adjust the loops and tails, then pull the loops to tighten the knot. Trim tails on an angle.

Make a Layered Bow
Layered Bow Instructions
Enlarge Image Step 1

1. Cut several pieces of ribbon, each two inches longer than the previous one. For the center loop, cut a piece two to three times as long as the ribbon is wide.

Enlarge Image Step 2

2. With ribbon facedown, adhere a piece of double-stick tape to the center of each ribbon. Fold ends to the center and press to adhere, forming two loops. Tape ends of center loop together. For the bottom layer, cut a piece of ribbon slightly longer than the longest looped piece, and notch the ends.

Enlarge Image Step 3

3. Stack the looped ribbons on top of the bottom layer from longest to shortest. Adhere the centers with double-stick tape.

Enlarge Image Step 4

4. Center the bow on the package. Thread a long ribbon through the center loop and wrap it around the package, securing the bow using tape.

Make a Rosette Bow
Rosette Bow Instructions
Enlarge Image Step 1

1. Wrap the ribbon around your palm eight to 10 times.

Enlarge Image Step 2

2. Hold the wrapped ribbon between your thumb and fingers, and use scissors to notch the ribbon at the center point on each side, cutting through every layer. If your ribbon is too thick to cut all the layers at once, cut half at a time.

Enlarge Image Step 3

3. Wrap florist's wire around the ribbon in the notches. Twist the wire tightly and trim the ends.

Enlarge Image Step 4

4. Spread out the loops. Add tails to the bottom of the rosette if desired.

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