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Creative Christmas Wreaths

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Christmas 101 Our Best How-To Ideas

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Popular in Christmas

Two Christmas Stockings: Beaded Brocade and Striped Ultrasuede & Silk

Sew two elegant Christmas stockings--one in brocade and one in Ultrasuede and silk--from one basic pattern.

What You Need:

Beaded Brocade Stocking:
●   2/3 yard of ivory-and-cream velveteen brocade fabric
●   2/3 yard of lining fabric
●   1-1/3 yards of red piping cord with header
●   Assorted red beads
●   Needle and red sewing thread

Striped Stocking:
●   3/8 yard each of gold, red, and copper Ultrasuede
●   1/4 yard of ivory Ultrasuede
●   2/3 yard of tan silk
●   1/8 yard of copper silk
●   Piping cord

How to Make the Basic Stocking:

Note: Both of the stockings use the same basic pattern. One was modified by elongating the top of the stocking and narrowing the outside curve above the heel.

  1. Enlarge the stocking pattern using a photocopier. Modify the pattern if desired. Cut out the pattern pieces.
  2. Use the pattern to cut a stocking front and back from the fabric you want, reversing one of the shapes.
  3. Cut a matching lining front and back from the fabric you want, reversing one of the shapes.
  4. Cut a 1-1/2x6-inch-long strip from one of the fabrics for the hanging loop. Follow each stocking's specific instructions, beginning below, for embellishing.
  5. With right sides facing, stitch the stocking front to the back, leaving the top edge open.
  6. Clip the curves and then turn the stocking right side out.
  7. Stitch the lining pieces together with the right sides facing, leaving the top edge and a spot along the curved stocking edge open for turning the pieces right side out.
  8. For the hanging loop, press under 1/2 inch of each long edge of the 6-inch-long strip.
  9. Fold the strip in half lengthwise, aligning the pressed edges; press again.
  10. Sew the pressed edges together opposite the fold. Fold the strip in half, forming the loop.
  11. Aligning raw ends, sew the loop to the top outside corner on the heel side of the stocking.
  12. Place the stocking inside the lining with the right sides facing.
  13. Stitch the stocking and the lining together around the top edge.
  14. Turn the stocking to the right side through the opening and slip-stitch the opening along the curved stocking edge closed.
  15. Topstitch the upper edge to finish.

How to Make the Beaded Brocade Stocking:

Note: The brocade stocking is 18 inches long.

  1. Before sewing the stocking front and back together, sandwich red piping cord between the stocking layers, aligning the header edge with the outside edges of the stocking pieces.
  2. Sew the pieces together through all the layers, leaving the top edge open. Clip the curves and turn the stocking right side out.
  3. Continue sewing the stocking together following the instructions in How to Make the Basic Stocking.
  4. Hand-sew red beads to the brown velveteen flowers on the front of the stocking.

How to Make the Striped Stocking:

Note: The striped stocking is 30 inches long.

  1. Before assembling the stocking, cut the pieces for the stocking front as follows: From gold, red, and copper Ultrasuede, cut: two 5x15-inch strips. From ivory Ultrasuede, cut: one 5x15-inch strip.
  2. Referring to the photo for color placement, piece the strips together along the long edges.
  3. Topstitch 1/8 inch on each side of each seam.
  4. Referring to the How to Make the Basic Stocking instructions, cut the stocking front from the pieced Ultrasuede and the stocking back from tan silk.
  5. Cut and piece two 2-1/2x54-inch bias strips from tan silk. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together; press.
  6. Using a gathering foot on your sewing machine, topstitch 1/4 inch from the raw edge to gather the strip.
  7. Cut and piece two 1-1/2x54-inch bias strips from copper silk. Wrap the silk strip around the piping cord; pin.
  8. Using a zipper or piping foot on your sewing machine, sew close to the cord edge to encase the piping cord.
  9. Sew the stocking front and back together, sandwiching the gathered silk strip and the covered piping between the layers and aligning all edges.
  10. Finish the stocking according to the Basic Stocking instructions.

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