Star and Angel Crafts

Handmade angel and star crafts add festive flair and personal touches to your holiday decorating.

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Pretty Patterned Star
Pretty Patterned Star

    Embellish a metal star with festive scrapbook papers and tinsel trim for a holiday showpiece. Simple trace the star points for the patterns and use a glue stick to adhere papers. Hot-glue trim, as shown, to frame and accent the star.

Pine Star Tag

    This star shape stays fresh year after year. Form a stem of wired artificial pine into a star shape. Then, simply tie a red bow on top and dress up with bright berries for the perfect way to dress up place settings or holiday packages.

Angelic Plate Display

    Make an angelic grouping of pretty plates by simply printing off black-and-white images of angels from the Internet. Cut out the pictures and decoupage them to the front of the plates, smoothing the paper to remove air bubbles; let dry.

Angel Doll

    The little angel is sweetly feminine with a lace skirt, button face, and tiny silk bows tied to her glittered arms and legs.

Cookie Cutter Star Ornament

    Cookie cutters in two sizes team up for a superstar ornament. Dangle the smaller cutter from cording tacked with hot glue from the star top. Trim the edge with contrasting cording and top with a floppy bow.

Simple Star Wreath

    Dress up a plain evergreen wreath by attaching a big silver star to the center using floral wire. Find the star at retail store or make your own by painting a wooden star form. Tie berry sprigs and pinecones to the wreath using floral wire for seasonal color.

Trumpeting Angel

    This delicate angel features the look of an intricate sculpture, but it's actually an assemblage of individual pieces of paper.

Sparkling Silver Stars

    Vintage Christmas bulb protectors, available at flea markets, make great ornaments. Hot-glue beads or costume jewelry over the bulb opening and then punch a hole at the top for a hanger.

Artistic Angels

    They may look like iron sculpture, but this lighter-than-air pair actually is constructed from plastic-foam material that's richly arrayed with a painted-on patina and faux-rust finish. Old costume jewelry, buttons, and other metal motifs create their heavenly ornamentation.

Star Wreath Form

    Bend wire into a pretty star shape then cover it with sprigs of boxwood. One golden star ornament and a sheer bow complete the look.

Tabletop Angel

    Combine unfinished wood turnings, papier-mache, and paint -- and behold the delightful transformation to shabby-chic angel.

Bright Star Ornament

    Decorate your window or tree with these delicate star ornaments. Cut the simple shapes from felted wool and embellish with white rayon and metallic embroidery flosses, pearl beads, and crystal accents. Vary the sizes and colors of your ornaments for a pretty display.

Glittery Star Garland

    Add sparkle to a mantle or tree with this shining garland. Simply string clear crystal-shape beads and gold star-shape beads on gold metallic thread. Dress up the stars with a little gold glitter glue for extra shimmer.

Angel Cookie Ornament

    Use basic kitchen supplies to make this pretty angel ornament. Mix 1 cup cornstarch, 2 cups baking soda, and 1 1/2 cup water together in a large pot until smooth. Cover and cook over medium heat until mix is the consistency of dry mashed potatoes; turn off heat. When cool, roll out and cut with an angel cookie cutter. Use a toothpick to make a hole in one of the wings. Bake at 250 degrees until hard. Use icing to decorate. Hang with a string or ribbon for a delicate ornament.

Shining Light Angels

    The Christmas blessing is conveyed in a gold painted and cut-paper altarpiece that glows warmly in the candlelight.

Winter Jewel Star Ornament

    Bring individuality back into the holidays with these wintry star ornaments. Fun fabric, ribbon, and beads make these ornaments special.

Glittery Star Ornament

    Assorted fabric scraps turn into pretty beaded motifs when they are embellished with colorful beads and wire.

Hanging Angel Doll

    This hanging angel wears wings that resemble an olive branch, spreading a message of hope and peace.

Bedazzling Beaded Stars

    Small purchased wooden stars are wrapped in wire and beads to become pretty ornaments or gift toppers.

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