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Pretty Paper Christmas Ornaments with Easy Embellishments

Rickrack, ribbon scraps, rhinestones, and other embellishments are used to make these pretty paper ornaments for Christmas decorating.

What You Need:

  • Patterned papers
  • Gel pens: white and gold
  • Flower punches
  • Embellishments such as 1¿4- to 1¿2-inch-wide ribbon scraps, stickers, beads, tiny pom-poms, snowflakes, stars, flowers, and rhinestones
  • Crafts glue
  • Rickrack scrap

Download paper ornament pattern

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How To Make It:

1.   Cut Out the Shapes. Cut a front and back shape for each ornament from patterned paper using the patterns. Cut corresponding shapes from coordinating patterned papers.

2.   Assemble the Ornaments:

For the rose-and-pink ornament, adhere the top and bottom decorative shapes to the front. Use a white gel pen to outline the swirls; let dry. Embellish the design with flower shapes punched from patterned papers or use flower stickers. Glue snowflakes, rhinestones, and a tiny pom-pom in place. Adhere a ribbon hanging loop at the top and cover with the topper shape. Glue the front to the back and trim the edges.

For the green ornament, use a white gel pen to make dots on the front. Glue rickrack around the center circle as shown; adhere the trimmed circle to the scalloped circle. Glue the assembled circles to the front. Finish the ornament as directed for the rose-and-pink ornament.

For the cream ornament, adhere the diamond and circles to the front. Trim the excess paper from the circles. Use a gold gel pen to outline the diamond and circles. Finish the ornament as directed for the rose-and-pink ornament.

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