Make Felt Christmas Ornaments

Use our free patterns and easy instructions to craft these elegant felt Christmas ornaments to give as gifts or hang on your Christmas tree.
Felt Penguin Ornament Felt Penguin Ornament

This iceberg-loving critter adds charm to your tree with felt scraps and a bit of sewing.

To make:

  1. Trace our patterns, available below, onto white paper and cut out.
  2. Gather 12-inch pieces of white, orange, and black felt. Referring to the photo, trace the penguin patterns onto felt; cut out.
  3. Hand-stitch the features to one body piece, using matching thread and running stitches. Add the belly and then the wings to the penguin body, stitching only the inside curves of each wing.
  4. Layer the two body pieces with wrong sides together and insert the penguin feet between them.
  5. Fold a 4-inch length of white ribbon and insert the ends between the body pieces for the hanging loop. Using a 1/8-inch seam allowance, hand-stitch the body pieces together; catch the hanging loop in the seam as you stitch. Leave a 1-1/2-inch opening in the bottom of the ornament.
  6. Stuff the body with polyester fiberfill; stitch the opening closed.