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Easy Low-Cost Christmas Projects

Keep holiday spending under control with these innovative and easy Christmas crafts that spread holiday cheer. We have tons of Christmas projects for you to try, including holiday door decorations and festive table toppers -- all available on a budget!


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    • Pinecone Ornaments

      Take a stroll through the neighborhood and collect a few fall pinecones and pine needles. Arrange this free foliage in glass ornaments, bowls, and hurricane vases for a fragrant and festive look. Match the display to your other holiday decorations by adding a few colored ornaments or tinsel to the mix.

      Budget project price: $2

    • Paper Christmas Tree Display


      Transform holiday scrapbook paper into a jolly display when you use this easy to cut and fold template. For a custom Christmas countdown calendar, print and attach numbers to a series of 25 paper trees and display them along a mantel. Fill the trees with candy for a charming party favor.

      Budget project price: $3


      Get the template and step-by-step instructions here.
    • Alien Spaceship Craft

      A recycled plastic tomato container is the base of this out-of-this-world ornament craft.

      Budget project price: $3

    • Glitter Ornaments

      Adorn basic ornaments with glitter. For simple designs, use a paintbrush to apply glue directly to the ornament, and then sprinkle with glitter. If you want to try a more detailed design and aren't comfortable applying glue by hand, punch a snowflake, Christmas tree, or other shape out of cardstock using a holiday-theme paper punch. Apply glue to the punch-out and stamp it on the ornament. Finish with glitter.

      Editor's Tip: Sprinkle glitter over a tray for easy cleanup.

      Budget project price: $2.50


    • Felt-Wrapped Wreath


      Wrap a foam wreath frame with strips of felt in varying widths and colors. To create the berries, cut a long, thin strip of red felt with pinking shears and roll it into a circle. Secure with fabric glue, and attach to leaves cut from green felt. For a more traditional look, skip the orange and turquoise strips. 

      Budget project price: $7


    • Paper Punch Holiday Card

      Use leftover scraps of holiday paper to create one-of-a-kind Christmas cards. Punch through a series of coordinating holiday papers with a paper punch. Arrange the paper confetti on a solid-color sheet into a Christmas tree, wreath, or other simple holiday design. When the design is dry, attach it to cardstock. If you want bigger circles (or other shapes), check your local crafts store for creative punches. 

      Budget project price: $2

    • Cupcake Wrapper Gift Wrap


      Personalize your gifts with cupcake wrappers. Fold a series of green wrappers into a Christmas tree, and afix to the top of a package. Or nest a group of holiday-theme wrappers to create a frilly starburst. Pair your wrapper art with simple gift wrap so your creation takes center stage. Bonus: You can buy a huge roll of kraft paper for the price of a couple small rolls of department store wrapping paper

      Budget project price: $6


    • Picture Frame Wreath

      Recycle an old picture frame as a holiday wreath that would look great on your door.

      Budget project price: $2

    • Egg Carton Flower

      Save the egg cartons from your holiday baking to create this charming flower. Cut out the egg cups and paint them red or your desired color. Cut leaf shapes from the flat part of the box and paint green. Accessorize with glitter, bells, or tinsel. Hang on your Christmas tree, or make a whole dozen and use them to adorn an empty wreath or garland.  

      Budget project price: $2


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      Family Photo Garland

      Take a trip down memory lane with a homemade photo garland. Drape the nostalgic garland across a mantel or shelf by clipping old snapshots to a piece of festive ribbon. Start with the great-great grandparents at one end of the garland and progress to the youngest generation.

      Budget project price: $2

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      String Tree Craft

      Forget the fridge! Spotlighting sweet holiday cards on a festive board gives them the "tree-t-ment" they deserve. First staple neutral fabric to the back of an old corkboard. Then, using colorful string and a couple dozen gold pins, create a tree shape suitable for showing off.

      Budget project price: $4

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      Cardboard Christmas Trees

      Have Santa-ready kiddos? Spare the expensive breakables and try these classic cardboard trees on for size. With a so-easy template and only two materials required, these pretty satin-edged trees are just the touch your sprightly home needs.

      Budget project price: $4

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      Green Gallery Frames

      Scour garage sales and consignment shops for old frames. Spray-paint them all to match, and hang them gallery-style for a fun, fresh holiday look. Accessorize with garland or ornaments for a little extra Christmas spirit. 

      Budget project price: $10

    • Cute Snowman Crafts: Make a Snowman Family
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      Snowman Craft Made with Wooden Balls

      You can make a whole snowman family with wooden balls and spools, plus a few crafting scraps. Here's how!

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      Golden Memo Frame

      Cheer up your entryway with a dazzling "dipped" frame. Start by spray-painting the bottom of an old white frame ritzy gold, using painters tape to keep lines clean and crisp. Staple colorful strings of pom-poms to the back of the frame, including one or two happy memos made of simple felt paper and puff paint.

      Budget project price: $8

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      Hanging Countdown Christmas Calendar

      Can't wait for Christmas? Neither can we! Count down the days with a homemade calendar. Fallen birch branches tied with number-stamped muslin bags help create this fresh outdoor spin. Use strong yarn or skinny rope to assemble and hang.

      Budget project price: $15

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      Fa-La-La Garland

      Make your fireplace or a blank wall sing with these homemade ornaments. Trace the outside of different-size embroidery hoops onto a roll of canvas. Cut out the circles and paint them with green chalkboard paint; let dry. Place the painted circles in the hoops and add hanging ribbon. Use chalk to write a festive refrain.

      Budget project price: $13

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      Chalkboard Phrase Decoration

      Bring festive cheer to your home with a playful message written in chalk. Just paint the back of an antique picture frame with black chalkboard paint, then write your favorite phrase.

      Budget project price: $3

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      Postcard Ornaments

      Add a natural vibe to this year's Christmas tree with vintage postcards. This is a botanical print, but any image you find will do the trick. Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top, thread a ribbon through, and hang.

      Budget project price: $1

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    • Make an Ombre Glittered Vase
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      Make an Ombre Glittered Vase

      Transform a plain glass cylinder into a sparkling centerpiece with just a couple supplies. Simply pick your favorite holiday color scheme and get started!

      Budget project price: $9

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      Candy-Jar Mantel Decor

      Turn your mantelpiece into a festive display of sweet treats. Choose your holiday color scheme, and fill clear glass containers with color-coordinated candies. If you don't have a mantel, set the display on a tabletop or anywhere you want an added dose of color.

      Budget project price: $10

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      Green-Theme Christmas Crafts

      Bring the winter hues inside with crafts decked in rustic evergreens and snowy whites. Spray-paint pinecones gathered from your backyard, then nestle them in mini ceramic pots. (Coffee mugs also make cheap, cute vases.) Set them next to a frame showcasing your favorite felt reindeer on a backdrop of green fabric.

      Budget project price: $6

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      Peppermint Candy Christmas Wreath

      Looking for a Christmas craft to make as a family? Try this sweet peppermint candy wreath! Glue flat peppermints (you'll need about 250 for a 10-inch wreath) in close, neat rows to a white foam wreath. Glue small cinnamon candies in the gaps. Add a ribbon, and hang on the front door or a wall peg.

      Budget project price: $15

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      Pinecone Chair Decorations

      Bring the beauty of a wintry landscape into your home with pinecones and a blue, silver, and white palette. Brush white paint on the tips of pinecones, glue them to velvet ribbon, and secure to the backs of your dining room chairs with adhesive plastic hooks.

      Budget project price: $7

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      Wreath-and-Candle Table Topper

      Add a natural, festive feel to your coffee table with this easy display. Encircle a candle of your choice with store-bought faux greenery -- that's it!

      Budget project price: $5

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      Snowflake Table Decor

      Looking for chic (but cheap!) table decor? Use our downloadable snowflake pattern -- just place it at the folded napkin corner, trace it, and cut out the design.

      Budget project price: $4

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      Festive Holiday Pillow

      Brighten your living space by dressing up a plain pillow for the holiday season. To make, cut a holiday shape, such as a tree or star, from felt or burlap. Secure to the pillow by wrapping red and white yarn repeatedly around the pattern and pillow.

      Budget project price: $6

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      Easy Ribbon Cabinet Flourish

      Dress cabinet doors and windows with a flourish of ribbon -- a useful, inexpensive Christmas decorating trim to keep on hand. Crisscross lengths of ribbon inside a glass pane, stretching from corner to corner. Tape or tack ribbon in place, and adhere a paper medallion where the ribbons cross.

      Budget project price: $2

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      Outdoor Holiday Luminarias

      Turn paper bags into dramatic luminarias by cutting out your own designs with a crafts knife, hole punch, and scissors. Fill the bottom with sand, and drop in a tea light to bring your walkway to life at dusk. (Use battery-powered votives for a safe display.)

      Budget project price: $8

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