Gifts That Give Back

Embrace an attitude of gratitude this holiday season with gifts that bring joy to the people in your life and give back to those in need.

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Homemade Cookie Butter is Dangerously Easy to Make

Let us show you how to make one of the hottest items on the grocery shelf. This cookie butter is simple to make and goes great with some apples or toast.

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Amazing Online Shops You've Never Heard Of

On Cyber Monday, venture into unchartered retail territory. These favorite online vendors, recommended by our editors and bloggers alike, offer one-of-a-kind gifts and decor from around the globe.

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Decorate with What You Have for Christmas

Deck the halls this Christmas by repurposing items you already have on hand. Getting creative with your existing decorations and accessories lets you give your home a new and festive look this holiday season without spending a lot of money.

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This Ginger Beer Mixer Will Up Your Cocktail Game

Always-refreshing ginger beer takes a fruity turn with the added splash of pomegranate.

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Cute Needle-Felted Snowman Ornament

One look at this snowman and you have to make it. An adorable ornament that you need on your tree.

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Celebrating St. Nicolas Day? Our Awesome Ornament Picks

Commemorate a big year, a funny memory, or an inside joke with these fun ornament finds.

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Popular in Christmas

Easy Handmade Christmas Projects

Have yourself a crafty little Christmas with these quick DIY gifts.


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    • Applique a Mini Pillow

      These sweet "puffs" look deliciously rustic, thanks to a wonderful mix of textures: even-weave fabric, wool scraps and floss, chenille yarn, and wire for hangers.

    • Christmas Treat Canisters

      Fun painted stocking designs dress up plain white canisters, a cheery way to store your best Christmas cookies and treats.

    • Christmas Words Pillow

      An easy iron-on panel transforms basic linen into a decorative pillow that conveys all the warmth of the holiday season.

    • Holiday Button Tree

      Although this cute tree is crafted with sewing supplies, there's no stitching required. Buttons and sewing pins decorate a plastic foam cone in red, green, and white tones for an easy decoration or holiday gift.

    • Snow White

      Unassuming makeup powder puffs give this exquisite wreath a crisp white foundation, the perfect backdrop for an assortment of sparkly embellishments.

    • DIY Snow Globe Centerpieces

      Snow globes are a Christmas classic, and these oversize spheres put on an impressive display. The glass globes are small flower aquariums with magnifying qualities that give the contents an added wow factor.

    • Soft Peppermint Pillow

      This soft pillow of iridescent sheer fabric makes a great addition to any holiday room. The pillow cover is stitched together and slipped over a round pillow form.

    • Make a Personalized Wreath

      Put your love of family on full display this holiday season with a quick and easy wreath. Simply add black-and-white photos and rub-on phrases to chipboard circles. Embellish as desired with rhinestones and ribbon, and tie them to a wreath.

    • Star of Wonder

      Add holiday style to a metal star with Yuletide scrapbooking papers and tinsel. Simply trace the star points for the patterns and use a glue stick to adhere papers. Hot-glue trim, as shown, to frame and accent the star.

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      Festive Favors

      Give new purpose to old aerosol can caps. Wash and dry the caps (found on hairspray bottles, household cleaners, spray paint, etc.) thoroughly. For each cap, cut several ribbons long enough to wrap around the cap with a 1/2-inch overlap. Hot-glue ribbons around the cap, gluing one at the bottom and one at the top first. Add more ribbons in the center to cover the cap. Hot-glue a chenille stem piece around the top edge. Fill with wrapped candies to give as party favors.

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      Flower of the Month

      Poinsettias are the star flower of December and make a splash on all kinds of Christmas decorations, such as this pretty felt ornament. Make these layered felt ornaments for your tree or as an embellishment to a chair back.

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      Seasons Greetings

      Display favorite winter pictures in frames crafted especially for the season. Decoupage Christmas scrapbooking papers onto wide picture frames. (The frames should have a flat surface.) Use a clear glue to adhere round, clear polished stones to the frames. Let the glue dry and add your favorite photos.

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      Handmade Holiday Napkins

      Whether you want to whip up a last-minute gift or adorn your own kitchen for the holidays, it's hard to choose a favorite to stitch from among these versatile embroidery designs. These motifs would look equally at home embellishing tea towels or stockings. For an even faster finish, trace the stitches with a marker to decorate holiday note cards or place cards.

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      Pretty Pistachio Trim

      Create natural texture by layering nutshells for a pretty pistachio ornament. The center of the trim is a simple foam egg shape.

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      Sweet Dreams

      Bands of rickrack around a red pillow case instantly update a bedroom for the Christmas season. Make a set for your guest bedroom or as a hostess gift.

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      Home for the Holidays

      Refashion holiday cards into charming tree decorations. Cut side, roof, and base shapes from Christmas cards. Cut, fold, and use crafts glue to secure the seams and pieces. Embellish the houses with additional motifs from the cards, or add a bit of snowy shimmer by coating the bases or rooftops with crafts glue and a dusting of glitter.

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      Cookie Forest

      Set a sweet, wintry scene with cutout cookies. While cookies are warm, cut a 1/4-inch-wide slit from bottom to center in half the cookies. Cut from top to center in the other half of the batch; let cookies cool. Gently slide cookies together and decorate with purchased icing. Use additional icing to secure trees to cake stand. Sprinkle sugar around the trees to look like snow-covered ground.

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      Cozy Sweater Stocking

      Make a cozy stocking for your mantel from an old holiday sweater. Use our pattern to cut one stocking front from sweater, a felt stocking back, and a lining. Cut one stocking shape from fusible webbing. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse stocking front to felt lining. Sew decorative trim, such as buttons, pom-poms, or fringe, to stocking front. Sew stocking front to felt back around edges, using a 1/4-inch seam, leaving an opening at the top.

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      Muffin Tree

      For a yummy brunch idea, this muffin tree is sure to please. Using wooden toothpicks or skewers, attach miniature muffins to an icing-covered foam cone. Fill gaps with candies and decorate muffin tops with icing. Get creative with other pastries, too, like powdered-sugar doughnuts or mini bagels.

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      Deck the Halls

      Brilliant blue felt provides a bold background for a contemporary pear. Cut a 20-by-34-inch rectangle from felt. Shape and trim the bottom edge as desired. Fold down 2 inches of top edge to the back, creating a pocket for a dowel. Find a holiday pattern you love online and cut it from felt. Use fabric glue to adhere the shapes to the banner background. Insert the dowel through the pocket; tie ribbon to the dowel ends for hanging.

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      Craft a Mini Holiday Village

      A sophisticated alternative to the version made from gingerbread and candy, this tiny village is crafted from sturdy mat board or cardstock and embellished with paint, glitter, and seasonal delights.

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