Free Christmas Letter Templates

Our free Christmas card templates feature colorful borders, pretty frames, and plenty of space to type up your annual Christmas letter. Designs and illustrations by Alexis Huntoon and Jodi Mensing Harris.

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    How to Use Our Christmas Letter Templates

    Share your season's greetings using our Christmas letter templates. Download the PDFs and type directly into them, or print out the templates to add a handwritten touch

    Our template designs include:

    • Spots to share photos of your family
    • Designs including Christmas trees, snowmen, and cute animal graphics
    • Holiday color schemes that are easy on your printer ink
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    Merry Christmas Photo Letter

    A photo is worth a thousand words...but you won't have to choose which one is best! Even with five photos of your year, you have plenty of space to share the season's sentiments with your loved ones with this Christmas card template.

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    Tangled-Lights Cat Christmas Letter

    This Christmas card template will have everyone laughing! Untangle the year's big events on a Christmas letter that shows off one satisfied kitty cat.

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    Three Carolers Christmas Letter

    While you might not be able to carry a tune, this Christmas letter carries carolers right to your friends' and family's doorsteps.

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    Snow Joyous Christmas Letter

    The word play up top announces the good news to come further down the page on this Christmas printable.

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    Santa Christmas Letter

    Looks like Santa is coming through the mail slot instead of the chimney this year. In addition to being a jolly Christmas letter template, St. Nick might appreciate seeing his own face: this can be used as a Santa letter template, too!

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    Holly Christmas Letter Design

    A simple design gives you plenty of space to pass along your family's season's greetings.

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    Merry Christmas Photo Letter

    Start this Christmas letter off with a photo of your family's smiling faces. That will surely put your loved ones in a joyful mood.

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    Ribbons, Birds & Holly Christmas Letter

    A Christmas wreath on paper! This festive wreath design is the perfect frame for a yearly recap or your joyful wishes.

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    Winter Snowflake Happy Holidays Letter

    A sprinkle of snow is the perfect touch to your holiday wishes.

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    Children by the Tree Christmas Letter

    It looks like Santa deemed these kiddos nice this year. Will your Christmas letter tell the same tale?

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    Gingerbread Parade Christmas Letter

    Some gingerbread folks are having a merrier Christmas than others. This cute Christmas letter template is a great way to let family and friends know how merry your Christmas has been.

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    Simple Tree Christmas Letter

    'Tis the season for classic design and warmest wishes. This Christmas letter fits the bill.

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    Happy Holidays Bubble Christmas Letter

    Bubbles float "Happy Holidays" your way in this cheerful holiday printable.

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    Green Holiday Wishes Christmas Letter

    What do you wish for your friends and family this holiday season? Let them know on this Christmas printable.

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    Holiday Travels Christmas Letter

    There is nothing quite like a holiday roadtrip. And whether you are travelling across the country, across town, or just downstairs, let our Christmas printable station wagon carry your holiday cheer, near or far.

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    Wintry Neighborhood Christmas Letter

    For all of your friends and family who know that there is no place like home.

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    Leaping Reindeer Christmas Letter

    Looks like Rudolph is leading the pack. Let these leaping reindeer inspire you to leap into Christmas letter writing action

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    Red Border Christmas Letter

    This printable doesn't have to just be for your annual Christmas letter. Print it out on nice paper and add a fold; this becomes a Christmas card template.

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    Mistletoe Deer Christmas Letter

    Holiday cheer is meant to be shared. Take a lesson from these Christmas deer and share holiday wishes with your loved ones. Try using this as a sweet santa letter template. 

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    Vintage Ornaments Christmas Letter

    A blast from Christmas past. These funky vintage ornaments add style to your Christmas wishes.

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    Ribbon Photo Christmas Letter

    Your Christmas wishes are a gift all their own. This design mimicks a wrapped gift, but a lovely family photo serves as the Christmas gift tag.

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    Wishing... Christmas Letter

    The first sentence of your Christmas letter is already written. What holiday wishes come next?

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    Long Dog Christmas Letter

    This pup is surely feeling the Christmas spirit. Let him inspire your Christmas letter.

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    Holiday Words Christmas Letter

    Start off your Christmas letter with the phrases of the season. As for the rest? Some of our Christmas letter ideas include a recap of the past year, your wishes for your loved ones, and maybe even including this year's favorite Christmas cookie recipe.

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    Let It Snow Christmas Letter

    Let this frosty fella wish your friends and family a merry Christmas on this year's Christmas letter.

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    Three Trees Christmas Letter

    What do "happy holidays" look like to your family this year? This Christmas letter template gives you plenty of space to let your loved ones know.

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    Green Gift Christmas Letter

    This Christmas letter template includes a little gift of happy holiday wishes, but your holiday cheer can't be contained to just one box.

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    Noel Christmas Letter

    With one simple sentiment, this Christmas letter template leaves room for you to pass on much more Christmas cheer.

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    Peace, Love & Joy Christmas Letter

    This snowman obviously wishes he could be a part of your family photo. Maybe next year!

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    Ornament Christmas Letter

    Bold ornaments frame your Christmas letter wishes with great cheer.

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    Merry Christmas Tag Letter

    A "to" and "from" Christmas tag adds another level of personal touch to this bright Christmas letter template.

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    Season's Greetings Photo Christmas Letter

    Picture perfect! Can't you just see your family in their matching Christmas sweater atop this Christmas letter?

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    Joy Christmas Letter

    The brightly colored snowflakes definitely support the message on this Christmas letter template. Oh what joy it is to share holiday cheer!

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    Warm Christmas Wishes Star Letter

    Send warm holiday wishes to the stars in your life with this merry and bright Chrismas letter template.

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