Free Christmas Gift Tags to Print

Print off these festive and free Christmas gift tags to add a splash of color to any of your holiday gifts.

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    Christmas Tree Gift Tag

    Need a quick gift to lift someone's spirits? Send warm thoughts with a mug of cocoa mix and a handwritten note on the back of a Christmas tree gift tag.


    -- A large gift tag adds impact. To make a tag slightly larger, back it with a layer of complementary paper and cut around the tag, leaving a wide border.

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    Oval Christmas Gift Tag

    This oval holiday tag adds a little pizzazz to any gift. Attach it with a big bow for a look that will really stand out.


    -- Use the blank center of the gift tag for a special title or message, something other than the basic "to" and "from."

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    Rectangular Christmas Gift Tag

    Simply bag and tag, and you have sweet little somethings to put at place settings, use as party favors, or leave on desks for teachers or coworkers. Bonus: It's easy to tote!


    -- Tie the gift tag string in with the ribbon, or use double-sided tape to attach the tag directly to the bag.

    -- Save ribbons from gifts you get this holiday to re-use for future treat bags.

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    Teardrop Christmas Gift Tag

    With its unique shape -- think teardrop crystals on a chandelier -- this gift tag gives packages an extra bit of fanciness.


    -- Punch a hole at the top of the gift tag to attach it with string, twine, cording, yarn, raffia, ribbon, or embroidery floss.

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    Trimmed-Edge Christmas Gift Tag

    Jumbo rickrack trimming a tin plays off the ornate red and white borders that run along the ends of this rectangular gift tag.


    -- To coordinate the gift tag and the tin, play off the color scheme and hot-glue red rickrack around a white container.

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    Simple Bottle Gift Tag

    With a tag used as a label, a bottle of soda serves as a fun and functional place card or party favor.


    -- Let kids handwrite their guests' names -- it's fun for them and less work for you.

    -- Look for seasonally flavored sodas in grocery stores during the holidays.

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    Mod Dots Christmas Gift Tag

    Recycled wrappings perk right up topped with a gift tag bordered in bold red, pink, and white dots.


    -- Embellish the gift tag with adhesive letters; spell out the recipient's name or a short message such as "Joy."

    -- Use butcher paper, grocery bags (turned inside-out so printing doesn't show), or newspaper for gift wrap and string or twine for ribbon.

    -- Tuck in a sprig of greenery or fresh herb to play up the earth-friendly packaging.

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    Mod Rectangular Christmas Gift Tag

    Doling out season's greetings is as easy as draping a graphic tag around the top of a wrapped gift. So simple!


    -- Use butcher paper, grocery bags (turned inside-out so printing doesn't show), or newspaper for gift wrap and string or twine for ribbon.

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    Monogrammed Christmas Gift Tag

    If it's the thought that counts, this monogrammed gift tag earns extra points for personalization.


    -- Monogram the gift tag by adding the recipient's initial before printing, or use a marker and stencil, or an adhesive letter for the final touch.

    -- A small ornament that plays off the dots on this gift tag is a fun alternative to a peel-and-stick bow.

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    Flower-Theme Christmas Gift Tag

    A big round gift tag is the perfect label for a small square box. A fun design adds extra oomph.


    -- Save on wrapping paper by using a big gift tag on a small box.

    -- Laminate this gift tag to make a durable Christmas ornament keepsake.

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    Diamond-Motif Christmas Gift Tag

    A band of red framing a center diamond gives the illusion of layering, as well as an extra pop of color to this unique gift tag.


    -- Attach the gift tag to the side, rather than top, of stacked containers to visually link the packages.

    -- Cut ribbon so it's long enough to drape down around the gift tag after it's wrapped around the stacked boxes (in the image it's not knotted at the top).

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    Framed Christmas Gift Tag

    A gift tag with a creative design works perfectly paired with a porcelain jar bearing a gift for an aunt, sister, or girlfriend.


    -- A porcelain jar is a pretty and simple way to package spices, potpourri, or jewelry.

    -- Depending on the gift, line the inside with red tissue paper or basket shreds.

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    Star Christmas Gift Tag

    With its vivid design, this star gift tag is an eye-catcher -- perfect for drawing someone to homemade goodies inside a container.


    -- When giving homemade treats, use a gift tag as a recipe card.

    -- For extra embellishment (or writing space), attach two or three tags to one package.

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    More Gift Decorating Ideas

    There's nothing like a creative gift tag to add a little holiday cheer and personality to any package you give over the holidays.

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