Easy-to-Make Christmas Centerpieces

Make your Christmas table shine with these easy ideas for festive centerpieces. Whether your look is rustic or traditional, minimal or decorated to the nines, these Christmas centerpiece ideas will provide the inspiration you need to create a gorgeous tabletop for all your Christmas gatherings.

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    Dishware Christmas Centerpiece

    Pull creamer and sugar sets and demitasse cups out from the recesses of your cabinets and put them on display as a simple centerpiece. Group the pieces on top of a cake stand, place bottle brush trees inside the cups, and add a few sprigs of evergreen, (maybe a few ornaments, too -- just don't overdo it). To complete the simple country look, place your centerpiece on a vintage linen runner or tea towel.

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    Rustic Luxe Christmas Centerpiece

    Combine styles for a signature look on your Christmas table. This centerpiece combines a few basics for a stunning effect: start with candlesticks that shimmer (these are metal and glass) placed in a weathered wooden tray. Pile on metallic Christmas ornaments (it’s OK to mix finishes!) and add a little greenery, plus an antler. Light the candles and your centerpiece is complete.

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    Simple Centerpiece

    Christmas table decorations don't get much easier than this centerpiece, which start Christmas staples: cranberries and amaryllis. 

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    Mason Jars and Paperwhites

    Stunning winter flowers, paperwhites make the perfect centerpiece when stuffed into blue Mason jars. Complete the look with painted toy animals (we like the color combination of brown and blue).

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    Terrarium Christmas Centerpiece

    Create a winter wonderland inside a clear glass bulb terrarium. Start with a base of faux snow and tuck in a miniature house and small branches (available at crafts stores). Place you terrarium on a footed cake stand in the center of the table for an easy yet festive table decoration.

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    Pretty Paper Trees

    Tree-shape centerpieces cut from festive patterned paper set a seasonal tone that's perfect for formal and casual tables. To get the look, wrap cone-shape molds with wrapping paper. Or for more texture, cut small pieces of paper and glue to the molds in a leaf pattern.

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    Extended Christmas Centerpiece

    Go the whole nine yards with a Christmas centerpiece that extends the length of the table. The trick is to keep it low and narrow, so you have plenty of room for place settings and passing dishes, and so people can see across the table. You can’t go wrong with a base of evergreen branches, topped with Christmas ornaments (look for larger balls -- smaller sizes are harder to see and can look cluttered in a longer centerpiece). Add candlesticks in varying heights (we like the white tapers and mercury glass holder combination here) and three small single-flower arrangements (one in the center and one to the left and one to the right).

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    Lighted Christmas Centerpiece

    You're three simple steps away from this bright-idea Christmas centerpiece. Battery-powered string lights and ornaments sparkle under a glass cloche. Just add a bit of greenery for a cohesive table spread.

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    Neutral Christmas Centerpiece

    Achieve a minimal, natural look by editing out elements and sticking to a tight theme. Instead of a evergreen or garland base, go minimal with a wooden board. Then sparsely dot the board with small gold pots, a few pinecones, and decorative orbs in natural materials. Add height, but still maintain a minimalist look, with clear acrylic or glass candlesticks and a glass lantern in the center. 

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    Flower Arrangement Christmas Centerpiece

    Who says flowers are limited to spring and summer? Set your table with a pretty floral arrangement in shades of white to put the “wonder” in your winter wonderland. Hydrangeas, paperwhites, and other white flower varieties are all contenders. Tuck in a a few sprigs of long-needled evergreens and replicate the “spiky” look with white bare branches extending from the top of the arrangement. And that’s what we call drama done right.

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    Showstopping Blooms Christmas Centerpiece

    If white isn't your floral color of choice, consider purple and pink (yes, purple and pink). The combos regal air is an elegant choice for a posh Christmas gathering. Mix flower varieties and tones, ranging from fuchsia and plum to dusty pink and violet. Cut longer stems to cascade out of the container, both upward and downward. And the container? A metal champagne bucket is an apt choice.

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    Woodlands Christmas Centerpiece

    Combine natural elements, textures, and materials for a gorgeous Christmas table decoration. Arrange birch bark vases (or pots) and candles on a tray and surround with evergreen branches and pine cones. Add a festive touch by placing red poinsettias in the vases and a few gold ornaments amongst the branches.

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    Easy Ornament Centerpiece

    Elegance needn't come in a frilly, fussy package. This graceful tablescape comes together with the most basic of elements. Stack glass ornaments in a pyramid formation on top of a compote, adhering the ornaments to one another with scrapbooking glue dots. Surround the centerpiece with more red accents -- ornaments on top of candlesticks and a few red votive cups.

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    Garden Christmas Centerpiece

    Poinsettias are a Christmas favorite, but pairing them with another element, like topiaries atop large candlesticks, takes the garden theme to the next level. For cohesion, place the poinsettias in containers that match your candlesticks.

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    Teapot Christmas Centerpiece

    Have a cute Christmas teapot but won’t be serving tea anytime soon? Turn it into a centerpiece. Simply arrange color-coordinated poinsettias (or another favorite Christmas flower) and add some sparkly Christmas picks. Easy, right?

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    Supporting Role Centerpiece

    When your Christmas table has a lot of other elements (swags on the chairs, pretty napkins, festive dishes) -- keep your centerpiece simple. A red pot with greenery and berries makes a nice central focal point. And if you've built a gingerbread house, bring it out to the table as a cute sidekick to the arrangement. 

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    Low Ornaments

    Here's a two-minute centerpiece idea: Place glass globe ornaments in a low marble dish, and that's it. You're done! We like an unexpected combination of bright pinks and cobalt blue.

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    Wrapped-and-Stacked Centerpiece

    Stack monochromatic boxes in various patterns atop a footed cake plate for this centerpiece. Crown the tower with a bow and a length of ribbon trailing down each side. Secure the ends of the ribbon tails to the underside of the cake plate.

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    Cake Stand Christmas Centerpice

    This double-decker idea starts with cute gingerbread cutouts. We chose a deer pattern. Carefully arrange the cookies with cut greens, pinecones, and Christmas ornaments. It's almost too cute to eat!

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    Creative Corks

    If you love wine, chances are you already have the materials for this classic centerpiece. To create, fill a trifle dish with corks and top with a glass votive candle. We like a mix of champagne and wine corks.

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    Peacock Christmas Centerpiece

    Sure, red and green are Christmas favorites, but they aren’t the only options. If you’re a fan of blue, consider a peacock-theme table. Look for a peacock feather candle ring (or a wreath works, too) and pair it with a large glass hurricane for an eye-catching centerpiece. Tuck in a few silver berry picks or weave garland amongst the feathers to complete the look. Silver pairs nicely with the cool blue -- be sure to use both throughout your tablescape.

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    Sparkling Evergreens

    Love the look of a tabletop tree? Bring it to your holiday table. Transfer mini pine trees to white vases and arrange on a silver platter. Accent the trees with copper twinkle lights for a chic centerpiece.

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    Sled Centerpiece

    Elevate your centerpiece with a handsome vintage sled. Top with an assortment of cloches, ornaments, and greenery. After the holidays, keep the sled but replace the Christmas-theme accents with winter wares, like white pillar candles in glass hurricanes surrounded by faux snow.

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    Beautiful Bell Collection

    Add a festive jingle to your tabletop with a big bowl of silver and gold bells. We added a few coordinating ornaments for a change in scale.

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    Winter Whites Grouping

    Bring the sparkling beauty of fresh snow inside with this stunning centerpiece. To get the look, top a white cake stand with coarse sugar and tall pillar candles. Finish the look with gilded gold pinecones and twine tags.

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    Paper Trees Centerpiece

    Create an enchanted forest of paper trees using our free pattern and two sheets of letter-size white cardstock. Fold the two sheets of cardstock in half lengthwise. Use a pencil to trace the tree shape from the pattern onto each piece of cardstock, making sure the fold is in the same center location for each. Cut out the trees with a crafts knife. Stack the two tree shapes together, pierce the center fold with a needle, and sew the trees together with white thread. Position the four sides so the trees stand.

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    Centerpiece Under Glass

    Accent Christmas red with a favorite color, such as lime green or turquoise (as shown here), for a vibrant holiday centerpiece. Paint a peat pot your desired color and let dry. Create a gift-box design on coordinating scrapbook paper, and glue it to the front of the peat pot. Place a miniature poinsettia plant inside a plastic sandwich bag, and place inside the peat pot. (You may need to remove extra soil from around the roots so it will fit in the pot.) Cover the top with shaved soap or purchased coconut for a fresh-snowfall effect. Place the pot in a small dish beneath a cloche decked out in matching ribbon.

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    Pretty Poinsettias

    A couple of silver cake stands, purchased poinsettia plants, and a few glass vases are all you need to create this stunning centerpiece. Simply stack the stands and top with poinsettia cuttings in individual vases. We like to add red berries for a pop of color.

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    Sparkling Trees Idea

    All that glitters is on your holiday table. Create this stunning centerpiece by covering purchased sequin trees with clear glass cloches. Place trees on cake stands for additional height, and that's it!

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    Silver Pillars Display

    Instead of topping silver candlesticks with the expected, try placing a painted pinecone on top. Fill a round tray with candlesticks in a variety of sizes, and finish with a scattering of glass ornaments.

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    Easy Greens and Globes Centerpiece

    Bring a bit of your tree to the table. Top a white cake stand with fresh-cut evergreen branches and shiny glass ball ornaments. Tie the table together with a small evergreen sprig at each place setting.

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    Game-Theme Centerpiece

    Put that dusty board game to good use! Here, we used the board as the centerpiece and set each place with monogrammed tiles. Top the board with a mini burlap-wrapped evergreen.

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    Mercury Glass and Greens Display

    Turn to your tree for this simple centerpiece. Clip a few branches and place them on tiered cake stands. Then top the greenery with faux mercury-glass globe ornaments.

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