Cute Crafts Projects to Make as Christmas Gifts

Delight friends and family with personalized gifts handmade with crafting techniques and supplies.

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Felt square coasters
Lucy Schaeffer
Mod Felt Coasters

    Create these mod drink mats from adhesive-backed felt, and wrap them in sets of six to give as Christmas gifts. We've included the complete instructions, below.

    Perfect For: Your holiday party hostess, mom, or your aunt.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red, green, or holiday-theme wool felt.

Rorschach Paintings

    Folded Rorschach paintings are fun and festive for little ones to create, and they make great Christmas gifts, too! Fold a piece of cardstock paper in half (horizontally for a landscape layout, vertically for a portrait layout). Unfold the paper and supervise kids as they decorate one side with dots of acrylic crafts paint. Fold the blank side atop the painted side, and use your hands to smooth. Unfold the paper to see your beautiful, abstract creation.

    Editor's Tip: After drying, mat your best Rorschach paintings on scrapbook paper, and place them in inexpensive frames. Don't forget to have the little artist sign in the corner.

    Perfect For: Your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red, green, and white acrylic crafts paint, plus holiday scrapbook papers for matting.

Colorful Handmade Jewelry

    String buttons, felt, and paper onto yarn and chenille stems to make adorable necklaces and rings. We've included the complete instructions, below.

    Perfect For: Your mom, your grandma, a jewelry lover, or your kid's teacher.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red, green, and white yarn, chenille, and embellishments. String jingle bells on necklaces.

Personalized Paperweights

    Keep your desk tidy and papers in order with these stylish paperweights. Decoupage fabric scraps onto stones from the yard, and embellish with letter stickers.

    Perfect For: Your parents, your grandparents, your kid's teacher, and or an organizing guru.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use holiday-theme fabric scraps and red, white, and green letter stickers. Decorate with winter cutouts such as snowflakes, bells, and wreaths.

Painted Mouse Pad

    Turn a plain cork tile into a creative mouse pad. Stamp an image onto paper and enlarge it with a copier. Cut out the shape; use it as a template to cut the cork tile. Place laser-cut paper over the cork with a sharp pair of scissors. Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to fill in the negative spaces. Carefully lift the laser-cut paper before the paint dries. When dry, spray the entire surface with a protective sealant.

    Perfect For: A tech-savvy friend or your cubicle buddy.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use Christmas-motif laser-cut paper to fashion the painted design.

On the Road

    Use a place mat to make this personalized travel organizer that boasts pockets to hold maps, tickets, and other important trip papers.

    Perfect For: A travel buff, organizing diva, or adventurer.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use a red or green place mat and paint the letters in coordinating Christmas colors. Include a gas station gift card for someone you know will be traveling by car over the holidays.

Handmade Recipe Book

    With pretty paper and chipboard pages, this sturdy handmade recipe book is perfect for storing recipe cards.

    Perfect For: A cook, your parents, or other relatives

    Make It Say Christmas: Use holiday-theme papers and red and green envelopes.

Scrap-Supply Magnets

    Layer buttons, crafts scraps, and other fun baubles on top of small round magnets found at your local crafts store for a quick gift. Make multiple sets to give as gifts.

    Perfect For: Your child's teacher, an organizing diva, or your Secret Santa match.

    Make It Say Christmas: Decorate the magnets with Christmas-theme embellishments (scraps cut from holiday cards and red and green buttons) and give as a set to display on the refrigerator during the holiday season.

Ribbon Glasses Case

    Stitch lengths of ribbon together (atop a flannel square) for a fun glasses case. Use a coordinated set of ribbons, or use scraps in different colors and widths for a whimsical look.

    Perfect For: A glasses wearer or sunglasses lover.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red, white, and green ribbons and include a pair of cool sunglasses to ramp up the gift.

Fleece Pillow Toys

    Skip the plastic toys this Christmas and give your favorite little ones silly stuffed pillows that double as playthings. Their colorful fleece bodies make them especially cuddly.

    Perfect For: An animal-loving kid.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red fabric for the bird to make a Christmas cardinal.

Handmade Dog Toy

    Whether for your own pet or a friend's furry companion, these knitted dog toys will be a hit. All you need is some yarn, batting, and basic knitting tools.

    Perfect For: A pet lover or your own dog.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red and green yarn.

Cool Cosmetics Bag

    Customize a basic cosmetics bag for a fashion-savvy teen. Embellish the bag with foam shapes and add buttons, beads, and other fun baubles for a look that is uniquely her.

    Perfect For: A stylish teen or college student.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use embellishments in Christmas colors. Fill with her favorite products.

Monogram Wall Art

    Create a decorative monogram to give as a handcrafted Christmas present. Paint a wood letter a neutral color and decorate with buttons, ribbons, and other embellishments, customized to the recipient's taste and style.

    Perfect For: A tween, teen, college-age student, or the family babysitter.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use a last initial and decorate with Christmas embellishments for the whole family to enjoy.

Wineglass Charm

    Make wineglass charms from scraps of paper or fabric. Cut small squares of selected areas of the material and insert each into a frame pendant (available in the jewelry-making aisle at a crafts store). Earring-hoop wire threaded through the pendant loop makes it easy to attach the charm to a wineglass stem. Make a whole set (or multiple sets) in a wink.

    Perfect For: A wine lover or your holiday party hostess.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use Christmas-theme papers or fabrics.

Cozy and Sporty

    Delight a sports fan with this crocheted blanket embellished with sports pennants. Make the matching pillow and give as a complete set.

    Perfect For: A sports fan or college student (use pennants from her school).

    Make It Say Christmas: Include a sports-theme Christmas tree ornament.

Butterfly Jewelry Collection

    For the nature lover, make a science-inspired series of butterfly artwork with vintage appeal. Paint a gesso-finish artist's canvas with water-thinned dark umber paint, then rub it off. Attach jeweled butterfly pins to the canvases. Use a graphite pencil to draw lines depicting the wingspans.

    Perfect For: Your mom or an antiques-loving friend.

    Make It Say Christmas: Search thrift stores for Christmas pins to put on the canvases. Include easels so the recipient can display the bejeweled art on a mantel or shelf as holiday décor.

Memory Pillow

    Capture favorite photos on this fun pillow, which combines sewing and scrapbooking craft techniques.

    Perfect For: Your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use photos taken during the holidays.

Family Frame

    Decoupage favorite photos and fun papers onto wood discs and arrange them in rows on a sheet of white cardstock, leaving the middle open for a chipboard title. Add fun embellishments for a final touch. Use an open-front frame to display the finished product.

    Perfect For: A far-away relative, your best friend, or your grandparents.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use holiday-theme papers and favorite photos from past Christmases.

Fanciful Pincushion

    People who sew know how essential a pincushion is to their craft. So why not own one of these practical tools done up in fun trims and fabrics? These charming cushions start with a kraft paper box for a solid base and feature a polyester fiberfill "puff" on top to hold pins.

    Perfect For: Any crafter, quilter -- or a pincushion collector

    Make It Say Christmas: If your recipient is a sewer, include a bundle of Christmas fabrics with the pincushion.

Clever Clothespin Magnets

    Top clothespins with scraps of paper, seal with decoupage medium, and adhere magnets to the backs. For affordable gifts, buy large packages of clothespins and use coordinated papers to make sets to give.

    Perfect For: Your child's teacher your favorite organizing guru, your parents, or your grandparents.

    Make It Say Christmas: Include a favorite Christmas photo to display.

Decorative Tea Towels

    Add pizzazz to plain tea towels for a heartfelt and practical gift. Simply cut trims (ribbons, ruffles, etc.) slightly longer than the width of the towel, then topstitch the strips in place.

    Perfect For: A domestic diva or your holiday party hostess.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use holiday-theme trims or a color palette of red and green.

Easy-Sew Apron

    Know a stylish cook? Give her a fun apron to wear while whipping up her fabulous confections and dishes. Choose fabrics based on recipients' preferences.

    Perfect For: Your parents, siblings, other relatives, or best friend.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red and green fabrics and holiday-theme trims.

Grab-and-Go Totes

    This simple drawstring bag is the ideal for someone on the go. Its versatile design makes it perfect for organizing must-have essentials. Give it as a toiletry bag, a tote for kids' stuff, or a craft project organizer.

    Perfect For: A weekend traveler, on-the-go moms, or your gym buddy.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use Christmas-theme fabric, and include travel-size, holiday-scent toiletries.

Swatch Book

    Give the gift of organization to a crafting or decorating friend. This book is designed to keep fabric swatches (or paint chips and magazine clippings for the decorator) close at hand for someone who is matching and gathering materials for her next big project.

    Perfect For: Crafters, quilters, or decorators.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use scraps of Christmas-theme prints with coordinating colors of rickrack and buttons. For the crafters, include a few crafting supplies for future projects.

Easy Patchwork Throw

    Deliver the gift of coziness with this simple blanket. The square patchwork design is a cinch to put together. Customize your fabric choices for the recipient -- try soft pastels for a baby and funky fabrics for a college student.

    Perfect For: Little ones, dorm dwellers, or grandparents.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red and green fabrics or blue and white for a winter-inspired throw.

Fabric Blocks

    Make a set of foam blocks to give as a fun toy. Kids will love the bright colors and fabric patterns. Add appliqued letters and the blocks become learning tools for little ones mastering their ABCs.

    Perfect For: A baby or toddler.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use fabrics with popular Christmas characters, such as Santa, elves, or reindeer.

Flower Tote Bag

    Felt scraps transform into fun flowers on this embellished felt tote. You can buy a premade tote and use our flower patterns to embellish it.

    Perfect For: An on-the-go mom, a stylish teen, or your best friend.

    Make It Say Christmas: Choose felt in red, green, and white with coordinating colors of floss and yarn. Wrap up some Christmas goodies to stash in the bag.

Personalized Bookmark

    Cut lengths of felt to use as bookmarks. Layer pieces of felt and use decorative stitches to attach. Embellish the bookmarks with felt scrapbooking letters and buttons. For this design, we bordered one side of each letter with lazy daisy stitches and sewed on buttons surrounded by stitched-on petals.

    Perfect For: Your book club pals or any friend who enjoys a good book.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use felt, buttons, and floss in Christmas-theme colors. Buy a holiday book and tuck the bookmark inside.

Write It Down

    This embellished notebook is a thoughtful gift for a budding young writer or journal keeper. Start with a plain notebook with a thick cover. Customize the colors and design to the recipient's taste.

    Perfect For: Anyone who loves to write or draw or a perpetual note taker

    strong>Make It Say Christmas: Adapt this craft into a book of Christmas Memories. Cover the outside with holiday-theme embellishments and give it as a journal to record the season's happenings and special memories.

Stylish Wool Bracelet

    Not only is this bracelet handmade, but the beads themselves are too -- they're made using a wool felting technique. Our step-by-step instructions show you how it's done. Make lots of beads and use them in different combinations to make multiple bracelets for different people on your list.

    Perfect For: Any jewelry-loving friend or family member or a Secret Santa gift match.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use red and green felt and mix in some store-bought, Christmas-theme beads.

Floor Cushions

    Craft a few of these cushions to give to family or friends living in tight quarters. They'll appreciate the extra seating the floor cushions will add to their cozy spaces. Match fabrics to their decor or favorite colors.

    Perfect For: College students (use fabrics in their school's colors) or apartment dwellers.

    Make It Say Christmas: Choose Christmas-theme fabrics. Give the recipient a reason to use their new floor pillows: include a holiday DVD and a movie-night treat pack.

Beautified Bags

    Sew sachet bags from linen and fill with lavender for a sweet-smelling gift. Use vintage brooches or earrings to secure the flap of the bags closed.

    Perfect For: Your holiday party hostess, mom, aunt, or grandma.

    Make It Say Christmas: Adorn with holiday-inspired jewelry and fill with balsam for a Christmas scent.

Pretty Purse

    This posh knitted clutch, adorned with an eye-catching rhinestone clip, is the perfect accessory for a holiday party outfit.

    Perfect For: Your best friend, mom, sister, or daughter.

    Make It Say Christmas: Choose a large sparkly clip or brooch for holiday glam.

Custom Towel

    Towels might sound like basic necessities -- unless they've been customized with a fun monogram. Buy a towel and a washcloth in coordinating colors. Cut a letter from the washcloth and pin it onto the towel. Machine-sew around the letter's edges using a satin stitch. Sew buttons beside the letter and glue or sew ribbon around the edges.

    Perfect For: Kids, teens, or college students.

    Make It Say Christmas: Use holiday colors and cut a smaller letter from the washcloth and sew to a hand towel instead of a bath towel. Give the monogrammed hand towel to someone you know will be hosting holiday company.

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