5 Customized Christmas Stockings, One Pattern

Start with one basic pattern and customize five different Christmas stockings for family and friends.

What You Need:

Row of stockings

  • Tracing paper or copier; pencil
  • Scraps of red fabric for stockings
  • Scraps of assorted fabrics (cotton, felt, crushed velour) for cuffs
  • Matching threads
  • One 2x7-inch strip of fabric
  • For embroidered cuff: Red metallic embroidery floss, green embroidery floss, three 6-mm red jingle bells
  • Marking pen
  • For quilted cuff: Red metallic sewing thread
  • For beaded cuff: Assorted decorative glass beads
  • For ribbon cuff: 1-3/4 yards of 2-1/2-inch-wide red satin ribbon
  • For angled cuff: Decorative brooch, button, or large jingle bell

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