Christmas Crafts for Kids

Get your kids in the Christmas spirit with these fun crafts. Our easy holiday projects include ideas for children of all ages.

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Christmas crafts for kids
Cute and Easy Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make

    Create homemade Christmas crafts with your kids! The whole family can get involved with holiday kids' T-shirts, Christmas window clings, fun ornaments, and more. We have the full instructions and everything you need to make cute Christmas crafts for kids.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

    Any ornament can be customized with a name or Christmas message in seconds using simple letter stickers found at a crafts store. Add holiday stickers along with the name for a creative touch.

Reindeer Slippers

    Transform a pair of kids' polar fleece slippers into fun reindeer pals in a few simple steps. Cut the antlers and ears from different colors of crafts foam. Stuff the slippers with shopping bags to help them hold their shape while you fasten the pieces. Use fabric glue to adhere the pieces in place, and while the glue dries use straight pins to hold everything together. Glue a pom-pom nose onto each slipper; attach googly eyes and the tan chenille chord for the mouth.

Cute Sock Snowmen Craft

    These adorable snowmen can be crafted from spare socks and colorful buttons. Turn a white ankle sock inside out and fill the toe with 1 cup of plastic pellets to form the base. Fill with polyester fiberfill until you reach the heel, then wrap a rubber band around the sock several times to form the neck. Add more plastic pellets to form the snowman's head and fill the remaining area with fiberfill, wrapping a second rubber band around at the top.

    To make the hat, sew a small white pom-pom to the toe of an infant sock and secure to the snowman's head. Use pom-poms, small buttons, and a ribbon to finish the snowman's features.

Handmade Christmas Cards

    Cut large rectangles from various patterns of scrapbook paper and glue them onto the center of a blank paper card. Trace holiday shapes on a different piece of scrapbook paper -- use gift tags, cookie cutters, and other household holiday items to make a pattern. Cut out and adhere to the card.

Crispy Snowmen Snacks

    Crispy rice cereal is the main ingredient for these tasty, homemade winter treats. Make a pan of crispy cereal treats, and once they're cool, use a circle cookie cutter to form them into shapes for the snowmen. Connect the shapes with a skewer or a crafts stick. Add milk to canned frosting until it's thin enough to pour, then cover the snowmen with the mixture. Decorate the snowmen with candy -- string licorice works best for the arms and striped chewing gum makes a good scarf.

Yarn Christmas Ornament

    Colorful yarn ornaments are easy for kids to make. Create the poms using a pom-pom creator (available at crafts stores) and colorful acrylic yarn, or wrap scads of yarn around the middle of a paper-towel roll, slip off the yarn, and tie at the center. Clip the loop ends and fluff. Add a hanging string and hunt for the perfect spot on your tree to add it.

Snowflake Gloves for Kids

    Make a pair of ordinary gloves extraordinary with a few pom-poms and sequins. With washable fabric glue, fasten tiny pom-poms onto the gloves in whatever design you choose. To make a snowman, glue a large white pom-pom to the front of the glove and use smaller ones in different colors for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Or, fasten small pom-poms to snowflake sequins for a frosty glove design.

Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper

    Get your kids in the spirit of giving by letting them make their own wrapping paper. All you need is a roll of white or kraft paper, colorful acrylic paints, sponge rollers, and a kitchen sponge. After rolling the stripes onto the paper, cut a shape -- a Christmas tree or a star -- from the kitchen sponge and put the finishing touches on your homemade wrapping paper.

    Editor's Tip: Let one paint color dry before starting with the next. Set up a fan near your work to minimize drying time.

Snowman Christmas Tree Garland

    To make this sparkling tree decoration, you'll need one 2-inch foam ball for each snowman face and six 1-inch foam balls to string between each snowman face (all found at crafts stores). Paint a thin layer of glitter paint on each ball and let them dry. Add the faces to the snowmen with black dimensional paint and let dry.

    For each nose, paint two flat toothpicks orange, hold them together and press the pointed ends into the back of the ball until the visible part of the toothpick pokes through the front and is 3/4-inch long. For the hat, cut an infant sock in half and slip onto the snowman's head. Tie embroidery floss tightly around the cap 1/2 inch below the top. Thread a needle with quilting thread and connect the snowmen with the smaller foam balls.

Snack Cake Stockings

    Treat your kids to a fun and easy-to-make Christmas snack made with snack cakes, fruit rolls, and candy. Cut a diagonal line in a snack cake so one piece is slightly longer than the other piece. Flip the smaller piece over so that when the two pieces fit together, they form a stocking shape. Press the pieces together. Cut a length of fruit roll for the cuff and let the kids use decorator gel to spell out a name on the fruit roll. For the hanging loop, cut a narrow strip of fruit roll and fold it in half, tucking the ends of the loop inside the top of the cuff. Kids will love decorating their stockings with mini candy pieces, which can be secured to the snack cake with small amounts of frosting.

Fuse Bead Ornaments

    Using Perler Beads (available at crafts stores or at in your favorite colors, form holiday patterns, such as stockings and snowmen onto pegboard. Preheat a dry iron on the medium setting. Cover the beaded design with the provided pressing paper and gently iron in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

    Once the design is cool, peel off the pressing paper. Place a piece of stiff cardboard over the design, flip everything over and lift off the pegboard. Cover the other side of the design with another sheet of pressing paper and repeat the ironing step. Once the design is cool, thread a piece of narrow satin ribbon through a bead at the top and tie both ends together to finish the ornament.

    Editor's Tip: These ornaments make great gift tags, too!

Graham Cracker Christmas Village

    A quick trip to the candy store is all it takes to find ingredients for this easy-to-make Christmas scene. Pick out various types of candy and small cookies; grab a few tubs of frosting and boxes of graham crackers. To make the base for your buildings, stack enough graham crackers to make a cube, then build the walls around it. Assemble the walls and roofs using frosting between pieces, and decorate your buildings with sprinkles and candy.

Bright Beaded Christmas Ornaments

    Thread colorful beads onto glittery chenille stems and twist together to make unique ornaments for your tree. You'll need a wire cutter and needle-nose and round-nose pliers to assemble the final product. Use our designs as inspiration and let your kids' imaginations do the rest.

Handmade Felt Christmas Stocking

    Kids will have so much fun decorating their very own stocking to hang on the mantel. Draw stars and other designs onto colorful felt squares and carefully cut out each one. Cut the stocking shape from two 11x17 pieces of felt. Pin the patterns onto one piece of felt and glue the pieces in place. Fasten the two stocking pieces together with a blanket stitch all around the edges, leaving the opening at the top. Fold a piece of felt for the hanging loop in half; glue or stitch the ends inside the top right corner of the stocking.

Fun Wreath Craft

    This fun, no-leaves wreath that kids can make is a great Christmas decoration to put on their bedroom door. Make the wreath frame with 5-3/4-inch and 10-inch diameter brass rings, fastened together with four chenille stems. Wrap green double-fold bias binding in figure eight patterns around the brass rings, removing the chenille stems as you come to them. When the wreath is completely wrapped, tie or tape the binding end to secure it. (Tip: It's easiest to work with bias binding while it's still on the card, so unwrap it as you go.) Decorate the wreath with red jumbo rickrack, buttons, and ribbon.

Colorful Clay Christmas Ornaments

    A quick trip to the crafts store is all you need to make these pretty Christmas ornaments. Roll oven-bake clay into sheets 1/8-inch thick. Press a colorful clay bead (we used millefiori beads) into gently into the center of a sheet; use decorative-edge scissors to trim around the bead. Bake the clay and the bead in the oven according to the package instructions and let cool.

    Use glue to adhere the clay pieces and the clay beads together. Thread a 12-inch piece of crafts wire through the clay bead and add more beads to both ends, securing the beads by twisting the wire into a small loop.

Christmas Tree Shirt

    Add holiday spirit to a purchased T-shirt with appliques from a fabrics store. This shirt features a skinny fabric trunk, a star, and the word "noel." To add the yarn branches, simply zigzag-stitch over the yarn with clear monofilament thread.

Gumdrop Wreath Craft

    Buy more candy than you think you'll need for this craft -- the supplies to make this sweet Christmas ornament are sure to vanish faster than you can finish the ornament. Fold a white chenille stem in half and twist the two halves together to make the hanging loop. Wrap a strip of green sugared candy around each half of the stem and bend the stem into a circle. Cover the area where the halves are joined with a strip of red fruit roll to complete the circle.

    Cut an 8-inch length of fruit roll and tie it into a bow, using frosting to attach the bow to the wreath. Attach small cinnamon candies or red mini coated chocolate candies to the wreath with frosting for the finishing touch.

Pushpin Ornament

    This sparkly ornament is made from common pushpins. Insert clear pins in a circle around the middle of a foam ball, then add rows to cover the ball. A looped silver chenille stem forms the hanger.

Jingle Bell Runner

    Young kids can help dress up a standard table runner by gluing on small bells to spell out a holiday word; let older kids hand-stitch a row of larger bells along the ends of the runner. For the final touch, give ordinary picture frames Christmas cheer by gluing bells around the edges or along the top.

Tinkertoy Tree

    Make a kid-friendly Christmas tree from a container of Tinkertoys. Create the tree by placing eight equal-size rods in a wheel and assembling the rows of branches in graduating sizes. Put the tree together by placing a center rod between each horizontal layer of branches. Build the tree from the bottom to the top, starting with the wheels of larger rods and ending with the wheels of smaller rods. Place the tree in a small pot or mug. Add a foil star at the top and slide a few small ornaments onto the branches.

Christmas Window Clings

    Using the free pattern below, trace the shapes onto white paper. Follow the instructions on a Gallery Glass Liquid Leading kit to trace the shapes onto leading sheets. Let the shapes dry overnight. Fill the designs with Gallery Glass Window Color Paint, following the packing instructions. Let the paint dry 24 hours. Carefully peel the cling layer off the sheet, then transfer onto a hard glass surface.

More Christmas Crafts for Kids

    Do your kids love creating? Keep them crafting with our Christmas ornament ideas.

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