Creative Christmas Snowflake Crafts

Decorate for Christmas (or the winter season) with these easy crafts using snowflake designs.

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Red and white snowflake table runner
Red-and-White Snowflake Table Runner

    Dress up basic red-and-white table runners by adding embroidered snowflake designs. Lightly sketch the shapes with pencil or use a stencil, and then stitch over them with red yarn.

Paper Snowflake Chain

    Decorate a mantel or a buffet table with this icy snowflake chain. Simply cut snowflakes from paper and string them together with white ribbon or string. To make the snowflakes stay in place, add a drop of glue to the ribbon.

Multicolor Snowflake Wreath

    Turn leftover cardstock into a cheery snowflake Christmas wreath. Cut several circles from cardstock in two different sizes. Secure white paper snowflakes to the circles with brads. Hot-glue the larger circles onto a flat wreath form. To elevate the smaller circles, hot-glue bottle caps to the wreath, then glue the circles on top of them.

Snowflake Candleholder

    Winterize a clear glass cylinder with a snowflake cut from white or decorative paper. In a well-ventilated work area, spray adhesive to adhere the snowflake to the cylinder. Once dried, tie a ribbon around the cylinder and add a pillar candle.

Swedish Snowflake Ornaments

    This contemporary take on classic Swedish straw ornaments combines crafts sticks or clothespins with wood rounds to create different snowflake forms.

Snowflake Luminaria

    Light up a walkway with a snowflake motif luminaria. Use a snowflake paper punch to create the designs on a paper bag. Punch holes in the top edge of the bag and weave ribbon through the holes. Fill the bags with sand or aquarium rocks for weight. Add a candle and watch the light shine through the design.

    Editor's Tip: Never leave lit candles unattended. Use battery-operated candles if you cannot monitor the lit luminaria.

Glittery Snowflake Wreath

    For an easy wreath in a flash, use premade snowflake ornaments (fiberglass or resin ornaments look especially frosty) and a flat foam wreath. Remove the string hangers from the ornaments and position on the wreath. Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, hot-glue the snowflakes into place. Thread wide ribbon (we layered red on top of white here) through the wreath and hang.

Sparkling Snowflake Table Runner

    Five different snowflake patterns grace this beautiful table runner, which is fabricated with metallic thread and lame (pronounced lah-may) fabric. The result is an eye-catching decoration you'll want to display all winter.

Button Snowflake Tablecloth

    Craft a Christmas keepsake by adding a ring of button snowflakes around the edge of a red felt tablecloth.

Snowflake Gift Card Holder

    Present a gift card with panache using just a few scrapbook supplies. Embellish a chipboard snowflake from a scrapbook or crafts stores with stickers and miniature rhinestones. Attach a gift card to the center with repositionable adhesive. To hang on a Christmas tree, glue a looped ribbon to the back.

Wooden Snowflake Wreath

    Cast a magical spell over a door with a supersize wooden snowflake made from paint sticks. Tuck a few fresh evergreen branches behind the snowflake and secure them with florist?s wire to introduce the sweet scent of pine.

Quilled Snowflake Ornament

    This intricate design looks like a prized architectural find. The tiny medallion is actually made from thin paper strips that are coiled and pinched to form its dazzling shape.

Snowflake Gift Tag

    Give festive flair to a gift with a snowflake gift tag. Use red cardstock and mini paper snowflakes for an easy-to-make decorative touch. Dress up the package with a red ribbon to match.

Salt-Dough Snowflake Ornaments

    These snowflakes aren?t edible, but they?ll definitely look sweet on your tree. To prepare the dough, mix 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup flour, and 1/2 cup water until sticky. Roll it to 1/4 inch thick and cut out snowflake shapes with cookie cutters. Use a skewer to press a hole for hanging. Bake for 4 hours in a 200 degree oven. When cool, draw hearts, squiggles, and dots with a marking pen.

Snowflake Wreath

    Soft white felt snowflakes, fashioned from our free patterns, encircle a store-bought wreath form. Sprinkle the flakes with glitter for a decoration that glistens for Christmas and lasts all winter long.

Snowflake Wall Hanging

    This fun project can be used as a wall hanging or a table runner. Red background fabrics add a hint of Christmas, but you can use any colors or patterns that make the white snowflakes pop.

Beaded Snowflake Napkin

    Use these snowflake-embellished napkins to adorn your dinner table during the winter season. Draw a threaded needle up from the back of a cloth napkin, thread on a snowflake sequin, followed by a bead, then stitch back through the napkin. Sew matching blue beads and sequins on the points of the snowflake for added glitz.

Snowflake Present Topper

    Embellish plain gift wrap with these frosty accents. Cut two snowflakes: one from white paper and one from pale blue paper. Layer the snowflakes and adhere to a wrapped package using a glue stick. Hot-glue white and blue pom-poms to different snowflake tips to add dimension.

    Editor's Tip: Experiment with different color combinations -- try red paper layered with white and green snowflakes with red pom-poms.

Seasonal Snowflake Wreath

    Decorate a wreath in a hurry with a few simple add-ons. String an oversize snowflake onto a length of ribbon. Tie the ends of the ribbon to the wreath, as shown, and weave the ribbon tails amongst the wreath branches.

Snowflake Chair Decoration

    Decorate your chairs with snowflake name tags. Clip together small rectangles of scrapbook paper and top with a snowflake cutout. Write a guest's name on the top square. To hang, cut a length of ribbon to fit around the chair back. Wrap part of the ribbon (near the middle of the length) around the curve of a candy cane. Tie the name tag string around the candy cane, then tie the ribbon around the chair.

Snowflake Place Mats

    Dust off your elementary school paper snowflake-making skills to craft these easy place mats. Cut snowflakes from colored scrapbook paper, arrange on a place mat-size rectangle of heavy paper, and adhere with a glue stick. Add circle dots cut from paper amongst the snowflakes to mimic flurries. For durability, laminate the mats to protect against spills.

Snowflake Candle Decor

    Secure mini snowflake ornaments to a large red candle using white map push pins -- or any short pin with a round white head. Use additional pins as polka dots. Nestle the candle in a plate or decorative bowl filled with Epsom salts to simulate snow.

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