Adorable Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

Intended for canning, Mason jars serve a different purpose come Christmas! As food gifts, candleholders, and more, this vintage kitchen staple will keep you crafting through the holidays.


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    • Festive Mason Jar Candle

      For a Mason jar gift you can make in bulk, try these easy candles. Wrap the jar with wide plaid ribbon. Secure with three jute strings tied in a bow. Hot-glue a pinecone and artificial greenery to the bow. For a final touch, wood-burn a snowflake or polka-dots onto four wooden beads and thread onto four of the string ends. Place a tall, slender pillar candle in the jar.

      Easiest Christmas Crafts
    • Simple Snowman Jars

      Need to make gifts for a crowd? Try this easy-peasy snowman jar.

    • Quick and Easy Dinner Kit

      For the busy friend who's always on the go, wrap up a worry-free weeknight dinner. Fill one jar with bow tie pasta and a second with homemade pesto, marinara, or other favorite sauce. Add white yarn to colander holes to create a snowflake look. Finish with a festive bow and printable tag bearing holiday wishes.

    • Mason Jar Planter

      Display evergreen sprigs in jars hand-painted by you. Start with clean, dry jars. Spray-paint the outside of each jar with a green spray paint and let dry. (Use a paint suited for glass.) Wrap lace around the jar and adhere with a light coat of spray adhesive. (Choose a lace that has plenty of open areas.) Spray gold paint over the lace, again using paint that’s suited for glass. Let the paint dry and remove the lace. Place a small evergreen sprig in the center of the jar. Fill with soil, packing to secure the sprig in place. Add a little water. (Even though the evergreen sprig has no roots, the water will keep it fresh through the holiday season.)

      Clever Handmade Gifts
    • Mason Jar Candleholders

      Holiday bracelets make easy embellishments for Mason jar candleholders. Simply wrap the bangles around the rims to add a dash of holiday charm. Then fill the jars with water and float a tea-light candle in each.

      Our Best Christmas How-Tos
    • Snowman Cheesecakes in a Jar

      Did you know you can bake jars? You can -- and that's exactly how these little snowmen came to be, filled with delicious mini brownie cheesecakes (link to recipe is below). Once the cheesecakes cool, place the lids on the jars. Cut the toe from one baby sock, and wrap the cut end with twine. Glue pom-poms on each end of the twine. Slide the sock hat over the top jar. Make a cone with a piece of orange construction paper for the nose and glue to the jar, along with two black pom-poms for eyes. Stack on top of another jar. Embellish the bottom jar with a ribbon "scarf" tied around the lid and two pom-pom "buttons" in a matching color. 

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    • The Gift that Keeps Giving

      Spread Christmas cheer and good vibes with a Mason jar of "Complimentary Chocolates." Cut pieces of decorative papers to wrap around mini candy bars. (We used Hershey Miniatures, and our papers are 2-3/4x1-3/8 inches.) Write encouraging notes or compliments on each paper for the recipient. Wrap the papers around the chocolates and fill the jar. Decorate the top of the jar with a circle of paper, secured with glue, and wrap washi tape around the lid. Attach a tag that says "Complimentary Chocolates" to the jar with ribbon.

      More Clever Handmade Gifts
    • Mason Jar Gift with Chalkboard Label

      Dress up a food gift layered into a Mason jar with a few simple embellishments, including a chalkboard label.

    • Winter Kit in a Jar

      After the holidays, there's still a whole lotta winter left. Help your friends carry on with a "winter survival kit" packaged cutely in a Mason jar. Fill the jar with small items like lotion, tissues, lip balm, and a handful of chocolates. Dress up the jar with with ribbon, a die-cut snowflake, and a label, and add a paper circle to the lid.

      Use the templates from our sister site Make It Yourself. You'll find them at the link below, under "Make in Multiples."

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      Glass Jar Snow Globes

      For a nontraditional take on snow globes, craft a set of holiday snow scenes using jars. Sprinkle faux snow in the bottom of the jar, and add trinkets and small toys. Top with ribbons, lace, or sprigs of holly, and display on your mantel or as a centerpiece for all to enjoy.

      More Easy Christmas Crafts
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      Ribbon Candleholder

      Glittering ribbons and pretty bows take Christmas gifts from basic to beautiful, so why not try the same treatment to create a holiday candleholder? Tie traditional red-and-green ribbon around the rim of a Mason jar, or coordinate colors with your holiday decor.

      Top Christmas Decorating Ideas
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      Candle Cozies

      Dress up your candles and vases with these darling DIY cozies -- no knitting required! To make, cut off the cuff of a sweater arm to a length that will fit your container, plus 2 inches. Fold under the extra length and secure with hot glue. Bedazzle with tiny jingle bells to finish.

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      Dessert Holders

      Sweet treats served in Mason jars make cute and quick holiday party favors or hostess gifts. Use them for layered treats, like trifles, or whip up your favorite cookie mix. Cover the lid with a stamped cloth to add a personal touch.

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      Birdseed Gift

      This gift is for the birds -- literally! Simply fill a jar with birdseed and embellish the jar. Add whimsy to this simple gift by painting or stamping a bird on the jar, and top it with a ribbon and handmade tag.

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      DIY Snow Globes

      Creating custom family snow globes is easier than you think! Simply cut out family photos and laminate them. Then affix to the center of a Mason jar lid with hot glue. Fill the jar with water, stopping about 1/2 inch from the lip. Add glitter, glitter flakes, confetti, or sequins. You can also mix in 1 Tbsp. glycerine to thicken the water. Add a bead of hot glue along the underside of the jar lid, then screw it on tight; finish with ribbon, string, or washi tape. Invert to display.

      Top Christmas Decorating Ideas
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      Christmas Scenes in a Jar

      Make this set of "snow globes" for a friend who says her style is vintage glam. Hot-glue small figurines and bottlebrush trees to the bottoms of vintage-looking jars (we picked ours up at a crafts store). Spoon in glitter to create sparkly snow. Re-place the lids and tie with jute.

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      Mason Jar Terrarium

      Baby, it's cold outside, but these mini succulent gardens will make you think spring has arrived! To create your own terrarium, add a layer of pebbles to the bottom of a Mason jar, followed by a layer of soil. Next, place your plants and add any other greenery -- we like how moss gives a bit of extra dimension. Finish the outside of the project with twine and silk leaves or flowers.

      Cute Christmas Crafts
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      Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Gift

      How's this for easy? Fill equal measures of hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. Cut out a fabric circle larger than the jar lid using pinking shears. Tie a small ornament around the jar lid and top with the fabric circle. Secure in place with a piece of ribbon.

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      Natural Floating Candle

      Vintage Mason jars paired with natural elements add a rustic touch to any holiday decor. To make, place a leafy branch at the bottom of a large jar or vase, and fill two-thirds of the jar with water. Drop in a handful of cranberries, and add a floating candle.

      Easy Christmas Crafts
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