Christmas Gifts: 20+ Cute and Clever Ideas to Try

Friends and family will adore these handy handmade Christmas gifts -- including dishware, vases, and other home accessories -- that are just as fun (and easy!) to make as they are to give. Start one of these simple Christmas crafts today so you can check everyone off your holiday gift list.

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Three-Step Christmas Centerpieces

Create a striking holiday centerpiece in just three steps. We have a special secret for the step one: How to lay the table runner.

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Creative Christmas Tree Themes

Be creative by decorating your Christmas tree with a favorite theme that suits your decorating style or your family's personality. We were inspired by a local festival of trees and have included tips for bringing the looks inside your own Christmas home. Bonus: We've included lighting tips to make your tree shine.

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Our Best Cookie-in-a-Jar Recipes

In need of a creative addition to your cookie exchange party or a tasty gift for friends and family? Look no further than our collection of irresistible cookie-in-a-jar recipes. Each holiday-ready gift takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and features layer upon layer of favorite cookie, brownie, or blondie mix-ins.

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Deck a Christmas Staircase in Two Steps

It's so simple to decorate your staircase for Christmas! Get our damage-free, two-step plan to ensure that the holiday spirit extends from first floor to second.

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Creative Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths don't have to be made from traditional evergreens -- in fact, we encourage you to mix it up with eucalyptus leaves, boxwood, lotus pods, and even items that don't come from nature, such as peppermint candies and pom-poms. These fun-to-make creative designs show you how to make Christmas wreaths with unexpected shapes, dazzling colors, and out-of-the-ordinary materials.

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Genius Christmas Hacks

Get ready for the Christmas season with our clever tricks to simplify the holidays. Including crafty Christmas wrapping ideas, must-try ideas for hosting guests, and why-didn't-I-think-of-that Christmas shortcuts, our tips for the holiday season are guaranteed to make your life easier.

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Popular in Christmas

3 Creative Gift-Card Holders for Christmas

Make these creative gift-card holders for Christmas with simple scrapbooking supplies.

Tied-in-a-Bow Materials:

  • Green card stock
  • Double-stick tape
  • Coordinating card stock for the mini envelope band and gift tag
  • Red-and-green polka-dot card stock
  • Green-and-white striped card stock for the bands of ribbon
  • Black chisel-point marking pen
  • Large and medium chipboard flowers
  • Green polka-dot paper
  • Small chipboard flower
  • Rub-on letters
  • 3/8-inch-diameter green button

In-the-Bag materials:

  • Red card stock
  • Red-and-green striped paper
  • Contrasting diamond trim
  • Double-stick tape
  • Red acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • 1/2-inch-diameter chipboard circle
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Ecru embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • 3/8-inch hole punch
  • Mini white brad

Hidden Treasure materials:

  • Blank chipboard
  • Red card stock
  • Two contrasting patterned papers
  • Black chisel-point marking pen
  • Glue stick
  • Zigzag die-cut trim
  • Rub-on letter and stitching
  • Double-stick tape
  • Small piece of hook-and-loop tape

Download gift-card holder patterns

Download In-the-Bag pattern

Download Hidden Treasure pattern

  1. Cut one 4-3/4x8-inch rectangle and one 5-1/2x5-1/2-inch square from green card stock. Fold the rectangle in half crosswise to create the basic card.
  2. Cut a mini envelope from the card-stock square using the pattern (and omitting the top flap). Fold the envelope as indicated on the pattern. Adhere the bottom tab to the side tabs. Decorate the bottom of the mini envelope with a 5/8-inch-wide band of contrasting paper, adhering it with tape. Adhere the envelope to the inside of the card.
  3. Cut the polka-dot card stock to measure 4x4-3/4 inches. Adhere it to the front of the card. Cut out two 5/8x9-inch bands from patterned card stock.
  4. Cut one of these bands into two pieces to fit the width and length measurements of the card front. Carefully ink the long edges with the marking pen. Referring to the photo, adhere the bands to the front of the card.
  5. Cut the other band into two 2-inch lengths. Cut an inverted V into one end of each length. Ink the edges; set the pieces aside.
  6. Cover the large and medium flowers with green polka-dot paper. Cover the small flower with red card stock. Ink the sides of the chipboard flowers. Adhere the flowers to the card, adding a button in the center.
  7. Cut out the gift tag and ink the edges. Apply a greeting with the rub-on letters or a marking pen. Tuck the gift tag and 2-inch ribbon lengths under the flower, adhering them in place.
  1. Cut a purse shape from red card stock using the pattern.
  2. Cut four slits in the corners as shown on the pattern to hold the gift card. Fold a 6x9-inch rectangle of red card stock in half crosswise and cut out another purse shape, placing the top of the purse pattern even with the fold of the paper and omitting the slits.
  3. Adhere the purse shape to the inside of the folded purse. Cut two 4x5-inch rectangles from the striped paper.
  4. Cut a purse shape from one of the striped rectangles. Use red card stock and the diamond trim to detail the bottom of the purse.
  5. For the handle, paint the inside and outside edges of the chipboard circle red and let dry. Cover the front and back of the circle with red card stock. Trim away the excess card stock, then gently sand the edges for a smooth finish.
  6. For the purse flap, use the handle as a pattern and trace a half-circle onto the remaining piece of striped paper. Cut out the half-circle. Cut another half-circle from red card stock, making it about 1/16 inch larger around the curved edge.
  7. Adhere the striped half-circle to the red half-circle, aligning the straight edges. Use two strands of embroidery floss to backstitch around the curved edge of the flap.
  8. Make the stitches tiny and of equal size, placing them about 1¿8 inch from the edge. NOTE: To make stitching easier, use a pencil to mark holes on the flap, then prick the holes with the tip of the needle.
  9. For the tab on the flap, cut a 3¿4x11¿2-inch strip from the diamond trim. Add a "button" by punching a circle from red card stock using the hole punch.
  10. Push the white brad through the center of the red circle and through one end of the diamond trim. Adhere the button end of the trim to the front of the flap; bring the opposite end around to the back of the flap and secure.
  11. Referring to the photo, adhere the flap to the handle. Attach the handle with its flap to the front of the purse. Attach the completed purse to the front of the card-stock base.
  1. Cut a stocking shape from chipboard using the pattern.
  2. Cover the back with red card stock and the front with one of the patterned papers. Ink the edges. Cut out a heel and toe from the remaining patterned paper and glue them to the stocking. Cut a mini envelope from red card stock using the pattern.
  3. Fold the envelope as indicated on the pattern, and tape it along the sides. Cover the top flap with the same paper used for the heel and toe. Add trim to the bottom edge of the flap.
  4. Hand-letter or apply rub-on lettering to the bottom of the envelope. Freehand draw or apply rub-on stitching to the bottom of the envelope.
  5. Also draw or apply rub-on stitching along the heel and toe. Adhere the envelope to the top of the stocking. Add hook-and-loop tape to hold the mini envelope closed.

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