More Cookies to Make with Family and Friends

Baking Christmas cookies is about much more than the resulting goodies. Here are seven recipes that are especially fun to bake with children.
Marbled Magic Wands Children will love the fanciful
designs and shapes of these treats.

Peppermint Cookie Pops Nostalgic for those "of a certain age" and pure delight to the younger set, these super-sized sugar cookies on a stick are reminiscent of old-fashioned peppermint lollipops.


Black and White Twists These sophisticated sweets have real eye and mouth appeal. They're easy to make, too. Mix them up and shape them one day; then chill them overnight and bake them the next.


Bear-on-the-Mountain Cookies The littlest bakers in your house will be thrilled to help decorate these whimsical chocolate treats with canned frosting and bear-shaped candy.


Toy Cookies For kids, the only thing better than getting their heart's desire in a stocking is getting it with a glass of milk before bed. Shape these cookies into any kind of toy you (or your child) can imagine.


Marbled Magic Wands Dub yourself the royal baker and the kids your loyal helpers with these treats. A little kitchen magic -- food coloring, a cookie press, and colored sugars and candies -- gives them the WOW! factor kids love.


Decorated Christmas Balls Kids of all ages will love to decorate these easy Christmas balls. Try colored sugars and sprinkles, gumdrops, and small candies -- all of which go on before baking.


Spiced Mice After they've been nestled snug in the cookie jar for safekeeping, the only stirring these sweet creatures will do will be caused by hungry, treat-seeking hands.