Halloween Door Decorations

Welcome trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween with front-door accents that cast just the right spell. Our ideas for wreaths, door decorations, and entryway accents are sure to give your porch spook-tastic flair for Halloween.

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4 Incredibly Cool Halloween Ideas

These must-see ideas are super fun accessories for your Halloween party. From a vampire place setting to a fresh spin on caramel apples, you'll be inspired to start creating.

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3-Step Halloween Decorations

One, two, three, done! Get ready for Halloween in no time with our easy three-step decorating ideas. Including flying bats, playful pumpkins, and scaredy black cats, these Halloween crafts will be ready in no time. Try one of our easy Halloween decorations to get your home ready for the spooky season.

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Easy No-Carve Pumpkins

Create quick no-carve Halloween pumpkins with a creative eye and some decorative tape. We share our technique!

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Creative Ideas for Halloween Party Themes

Want to host a Halloween party but aren't sure where to start? Browse our creative Halloween party themes--for both kids and adults--to get inspired by decorating ideas and delicious menus and recipes. Bonus: We have free downloads to make everything extra-easy!

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Long-Lasting Halloween Wreath

This easy-to-make Halloween wreath can be used year after year. A few cheap supplies and some creativity result in a pretty fall wreath that's ready to display on your front door all season long. See how to make it!

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Long-Lasting Halloween Decorations

Looking for sleek fall decorating ideas that last all the way through Halloween? You've come to the right spot. Our collection of eclectic autumn displays and spookily stylish Halloween decor is sure to bring a little magic to your home all season long.

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Popular in Holidays

Monogrammed Holiday Cookies

9 gorgeous ways to create a unique cookie gift or party favor for your friends and family.


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    • Monogramming -- a centuries-old tradition long reserved for handkerchiefs, stationery, and bed linens -- is experiencing a renaissance. On the following slides, we show you stunning ways to use this decorative art form to create gorgeous, truly unique holiday cookies starting with our basic Sugar Cookie Cutouts.

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- In a saucepan, melt white chocolate slowly, stirring constantly.
      -- Spread a thin layer of warm chocolate onto transfer sheet.
      -- Press transfer sheet gently onto cookie with chocolate side toward cookie.
      -- Refrigerate until chocolate hardens.
      -- Carefully peel off the transfer paper.
      -- Decorate with piped dots of melted white chocolate.

      Resources: Pink Raspberry Ribbon Stripe Transfer Sheet (#5999-TR-RR-1), Fancy Flours, Inc., www.fancyflours.com.

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Press rubber stamp firmly into cookie dough; press dough randomly with bamboo skewer.
      -- Bake cookie as directed; cool completely.
      -- Apply rose-colored petal dust and super-pearl petal dust as desired with a small, soft-bristle brush.

      Resources: Rose-Color Petal Dust (#521078) and Super-Pearl Petal Dust, Sweet Celebrations, www.sweetc.com

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Ice your sugar cookie cutouts evenly with lukewarm melted semisweet chocolate.
      -- Allow icing to dry.
      -- Place stencil (purchased from a local crafts store) atop dry icing.
      -- With a small soft-bristle brush, lightly brush stencil's open area with corn syrup.
      -- Sprinkle pink nonpareils and white celery decor evenly over corn syrup.
      -- Remove stencil; allow corn syrup to dry completely

      Resources: White Celery Decor (#542547), Sweet Celebrations, www.sweetc.com

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Cut cookies into desired shapes.
      -- Using a small, soft-bristle brush, apply light green Royal Icing to cookie top.
      -- While icing is wet, carefully apply snowflakes.
      -- Allow icing to dry completely, then pipe on dark green Royal Icing (recipe below).

      Resources: Snowflake Quills (#541753), Sweet Celebrations, www.sweetc.com

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Using a plain tip, pipe red icing on a cookie.
      -- Allow to dry completely
      -- Pipe white icing in desired letter shape on cookie.
      -- Sprinkle with sanding sugar while icing is still wet.

      Resources: Pure Cane Confectioner's Standing Sugar (#30414), Sweet Celebrations, www.sweetc.com

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Spread melted semisweet chocolate over baked cookie.
      -- Set U-shape cutter gently on cookie.
      -- Sprinkle pink edible glitter carefully around cutter.
      -- Remove cutter and allow cookie to dry completely.

      Resources: Alphabet Cookie Cutters (#4300-ST-AL-1, large; #4300-ST-MA-1, small), Fancy Flours, www.fancyflours.com; Pink Edible Glitter, Sweet Celebrations, Inc., www.sweetc.com

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Add one or two drops of red food coloring to some cookie dough; knead dough.
      -- Cut out with O-shape cutter.
      -- Bake and cool.
      -- Apply icing to other cookie.
      -- Apply O cutout to base cookie while icing is wet.
      -- Allow cookie to dry completely.

      Resources: Alphabet Cookie Cutters (#4300-ST-AL-1, large; #4300-ST-MA-1, small), Fancy Flours, www.fancyflours.com

    • Start with: Sugar Cookie Cutouts (recipe below)

      -- Cut individual cookies into any shape you like.
      -- Then cut an initial in the center of each cookie.
      -- Bake according to sugar cookie recipe.
      -- Cool completely, then drizzle with pink, green, and white Royal Icing (recipe below).

      Resources: Alphabet Cookie Cutters #4300-ST-AL-1 (large) or #4300-ST-MA-1 (small), Fancy Flours, www.fancyflours.com

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      This design is a snap to make. Place stencil on cool sugar cookie. (To create the "u" on this cookie, we used a chipboard letter from a local crafts store.) Sift evenly with powdered sugar. Carefully remove stencil.

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      Christmas Cookies

      Find more cool, creative cookie ideas in Christmas Cookies magazine -- on newsstands now until December 30.

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      No Bake Cookie Recipes for Christmas

      You'll love these holiday-ready no bake cookie recipes, including peanut butter, chocolate, and coconut no bake cookies. They come together in a flash, and there's no need to turn on the oven!
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