Holiday Baking Recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth this season with our countless holiday baking recipes. We have the best recipes for Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, bars, and other delicious winter desserts. If you're tight on time, try our no-bake Christmas cookies -- from three-layer bars to marshmallow cookies to fruity sandwich cookies, you'll never need to turn on the oven for our festive sweets. You can also save baking time by adding your own creative touches to Christmas cookies baked from a store-bought mix. Get the kids baking with our Christmas cookie recipes that kids can help make -- our recipes include sugar cookie carolers and chocolate gingerbread people. Our irresistible holiday cake recipes will please any Christmas party guest, and we give you 20 holiday dessert recipes that use peppermint -- a Christmas favorite -- as a key ingredient. Don't forget to try our all-time favorite Christmas cookies -- our top recipes (including shortbread, bars, whoopie pies, and biscotti) are ones you'll want to save, share, and make again and again!


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Christmas Cookie Recipes
Cookie Exchange Favorites

Impress family and friends with festive cookies perfect for sharing.

Classic Cookies with a Twist

Spice up your holiday favorites with fresh and delicious new ideas this season.

Showstopping Christmas Cookies

These cookies are the stars of the cookie platter. Start here to find standouts.

Yummy Holiday Desserts
30+ Delicious Holiday Pies & Tarts

Every stunning pie and dessert here will delight you and your holiday guests.

Yummy Fruit Cobblers & Crisps

Make a special dessert laden with juicy fruit and a crunchy crispy top.

Adorable Cookie & Bar Gifts

Wrap up your fresh-baked treat in a container that's as cute as the cookies inside.

Holiday Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Brownies, and More
Cakes & Pies
Bars & Brownies
  • Fantastic Holiday Bar Cookies

    Make holiday bars in bunches -- easy, tasty recipes make holiday baking a real treat.

  • Blissful Brownie Recipes

    Brownies are a holiday favorite. Bake a batch with special toppings and secret layers, or go for classic brownies.

  • Our Best Bar Cookies

    Truly the best bars on our site; this collection includes chocolate, caramel, and fruit bars.

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