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I first started the home farming challenge with grand ideas of growing an entirely organic farm from soil to seed. Unfortunately, to keep costs as low as possible we had to forgo a few organic choices in our product selections.

One thing I am doing to keep our garden healthy and our produce pesticide free is using natural pest deterrents. Using the Triscuit Home Farming Community Q&A as a resource, I found a few suggestions on how to keep pests out of my home farm without using pesticides including:

  • Garlic – randomly planted throughout a home farm, garlic helps deter pests that attack cabbage and is said to have natural fungicidal and pesticidal properties.
  • Marigold Flowers – planted along the perimeter of a vegetable farm, annual marigolds deter squash bugs, thrips, tomato hornworms, and whiteflies.

While it’s not an option for some home farmers, our best defense against rabbits and small animals are the family pets. Claude and Ray, our one year old kitties not only use the topsoil as a cool place to take a nap but keep the hungry rabbits away from our young tomato plants.

From Home Farming 101

Throughout the entire process from planting to growing my vegetable crop I’ve been using the Home Farming 101 resource to learn the basics of how to plant and maintain my farm. One section I’ve recently found particularly helpful is on how to prevent pests and diseases.

There are several ways to triumph over pests without toxic pesticides! There are organic sprays available that are effective and safe. You can also mix your own anti-pest formula. Try mixing water with crushed garlic, hot pepper, or pulverized onion and spraying it on your plants.

Since we began treating our garden with organic pest preventatives, our plants and vegetables have grown even more incredibly than I would have imagined. Years ago our first home farm was taken over by pests and worms. As you can see from the photos below, we are having no such problems this year. Our grape tomato plants have sprouted their first green tomatoes.

The mixture of red and yellow onion bulbs have started to grow so big they are emerging through the topsoil.

Even the peppermint that started out as a small plant with only a few leaves has grown into a robust bush that I plan to harvest soon to extract the oils for candy making.

In the coming weeks I hope with any luck, we’ll have some ripe tomatoes to enjoy at the family table. In the meantime, feel free to browse our farm fresh recipes we’ve created using what seems like, an endless supply of herbs.

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