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In Plot Update and Deer Control

Here we are in the beginning of June and my in-ground home farm is starting to really blossom (finally!). Since we endured a late frost, we lost a few plants we started from seeds, like my cucumbers and pepper plants. But we just bought some pepper plants and planted more cucumber seeds and now we are back in business!


We live in the woods in Kansas and our biggest pest is the deer. We have photos of trampled plants with deer hooves next to it and I really want to eat my food, not just feed those animals. I went on and read some really creative and helpful tips from the Home Farming community. Some people suggested spraying the plants, others suggested tying old CDs/DVDs shiny side-out and hanging them up around the farm. Another suggestion was to plant really hot pepper plants around the outside. I liked the motion sense sprinkler idea too! That site is so very helpful, the community really joins together to provide support and tips.

Josh installed an electric fence around the outside of our home farm. It was easiest for us to do it that way because we already had the supplies from when we owned goats. So far it is working well, but only time will tell!

Here are some photos of our little sprouts! I am really getting excited about the cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet corn. I can’t wait for those to bloom and grow. I’m researching and learning how to use kohlrabi, anise, fennel and beets. Those are a few plants I have never grown before, nor have I ever prepared.

Cool beans!

Cool beans!

Tomatillo with flower buds

Tomatillo with flower buds

Sweet corn stagger planted

Sweet corn stagger planted

I learned a whole lot about food since I started to grow my own. I learned that not picking the arugula when it was small and young means it now tastes burnt. I also learned that some plants (like cucumbers) are a lot more “wimpy” when it comes to cold temps. Triscuit’s creation of the HomeFarming site and community is a huge help for beginners like me. Being able to use those experienced farmers as resources is priceless!

Would you like to take a walk with me through my home farm? Here I am on an early Sunday morning!

I will be back in two weeks! Hopefully by then I can show off a few teeny tiny tomatoes or peppers! I hope your home farms are sprouting and growing too. What are you growing? Are they bigger or doing better than mine?

2 Responses to “ In Plot Update and Deer Control ”

  1. We moved to NH 3 years ago, and the best deer deterrent for my veggie garden was a tip from an old NH farmer – put those green metal fence posts around perimeter of garden, then string 50 .lb fishing line every 12 inches vertically – the deer don’t like walking into this string! I also tied 12 inch pieces of old VCR tape every so many inches on every string – it shines and makes noise in the breezes, so scares all sorts of critters away. One other idea is to tie “Irish Spring” soap to the posts – will try that this year, although for the past few, all the deer that come up for grain end up bypassing my veggie garden! Just a helpful tip for those that can’t afford electric fencing!

  2. We have more deer in this country than when God and the Indians had it all by themselves. In Virginia, you contact your game warden, show them the deer damage and they issue a KILL permit. This is not a HUNTING license, so the rules differ. I find a 6mm rifle to be the most effective, but you can use bow & arrow. The game warden can put you in touch with “Hunters for the hungry” Then the meat goes to feed the less fortunate. Ask them to save some meat for your family. Add it to your garden produce. Now, you’re living of the land.

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