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Urban Gardens

There is so much garden goodness floating around the internet, I felt compelled to share! Here’s my weekly round-up of blog posts I found inspiring and highly pin-able.

Growing With Plants

Hey, listen, herbs are hot. Why? They’re a multi-tasking plant adding fragrance, flavor and beauty to your home and garden. I’m loving how Matt Mattus makes his favorite herbs feel right at home by displaying them in herbalicious fashion throughout his abode. Are you ready to be inspired? Read the entire article here on Growing with Plants.


Urban Gardens

What makes public transportation even greener? Green roofs! Learn how a father uses Phytokinetic to green-up urban spaces and how he actually did his market research on his 6 and 9 year old children and their friends (major bonus points for involving the kids!) Read the entire article here from Urban Gardens.


Studio G

While my garden generally invokes a more casual, sometimes hap-hazard design, this simple and elegant display caught my eye immediately on Studio G’s blog. Is black the new — black? It sure pops against the boxwoods and moss. Read her entire article showcasing black slats in an outdoor space (perfect for sophisticated privacy) and let me know if it’s a style you like as well.

Who is your favorite blogger? Let me know — I’m always looking to be inspired.


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