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garden tour part 2

Written on July 14, 2011 at 10:26 am , by

Today is the day for the garden tour at La Ventose (the name of our home and garden), appropriately enough on Bastille Day. Last week I posted photos of the backyard. This week it’s the front yard.

The only shade garden we have is on the north side of the garage where hostas and astilbes thrive.

The hot, dry south-facing slope along the driveway is filled with Midwest native prairie plants and xeric Southwest perennials.

Hot colors from coleus, Flower Carpet Scarlet roses, potentillas, rudbeckias, daylilies, and California fuchsia fill the bed surrounding the mailbox.

The parking strip is filled with pink and purple annuals (petunia, gomphrena, vinca, and nicotiana) punctuated by daylilies, sweet flag, penstemon, and tradescantia.

New last year, this corner border uses a red maple as a focal point and backdrop for a garden bench.

This rock wall terrace faces southwest, so it contains drought-tolerant perennials.

The small waterfall into the front pond creates soothing sound when you rest on the front porch.

The entry garden disguises the walkway to the front door.

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garden tour

Written on July 8, 2011 at 10:33 am , by

Last winter I agreed to place my garden on tour in mid-July. At the time I didn’t think that it would take any extra effort. After all, I’m usually photographing in the garden every couple of weeks, so I try to keep it in good condition. And I always enjoy sharing my garden with those who are interested. But this spring, it struck closer to home that the beds better be fully mulched (300 bags worth!), garden projects completed (a new water garden in the backyard), gaps in beds filled in (hurray for garden center shopping trips!), and plants fully groomed (a weekend of deadheading ahead) by the time the tour arrives next week.

I think that we’re just about ready for the group. The photos below take you on a virtual tour of my backyard. Next week I’ll show you the front yard. What do you think? Will it pass muster?

Herbal knot garden with lavender, germander, marigolds, and mealycup sage

New formal water garden

Firepit seating area

Boxwood knot garden with marigolds and ageratum

Mixed shrub and perennial border

Raised bed vegetable garden and compost bin screen

Drought-tolerant border

Potager, kitchen garden


Terraced vegetable beds