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Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

My friends know me to have two big weaknesses: plants and chocolate. So it’s only natural that I’m intrigued at combining the two.

And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that way, given the number of plants that have chocolate in their name, including ‘Chocolate Chip’ ajuga, ‘Summer Chocolate’ mimosa, ‘Chocolate Soldier’ columbine, ‘Milk Chocolate’ foxglove, and ‘Hot Chocolate’ rose. As you might guess, these plants all feature rich, purple or brown foliage or flowers. (Garden design hint: These plants typically look extra gorgeous when paired with light blue flowers such as lead plant, flax, bachelor’s button, or blue lobelia.)

If color alone doesn’t suit your chocolate cravings, try chocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) and chocolate daisy (Berlandiera lyrata) — both of which actually smell of chocolate.

And top your chocolate garden off with cocoa hull mulch. This fine-textured mulch really does smell of rich, wonderful cocoa as it helps the soil hold moisture and keeps back weeds. (One note: Cocoa hull mulch is poisonous to dogs should they decide to eat it.)

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