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Gardening Gloves

I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of wearing gloves in the garden. I know I should to protect my hands from blisters, cuts, etc., but I’ve never really gotten in the habit.

blogglove1But this year I received a couple of samples that intrigued me. The first is the West Country Landscape glove. It caught my attention because it’s partially made from recycled soda bottles and also features Kevlar, which I recognize from television as being a product that some police body armor is made from. If it can stop a bullet, I’d think it could keep me from getting blisters. And it did.

bloggloves2The second glove I’ve only just received (this photo actually shows them sitting on my desk here at BHG headquarters). It’s the Cool Mud glove. I find this one fascinating because it contains an aloe additive and is supposed to moisturize my hands as I work in it. As gross as my hands can get after spending a day planting, pruning, and various other landscape tasks, I welcome the opportunity to keep them somewhat soft and clean.

I’d love to hear from you… Do you wear gloves while gardening? If so, do you have a favorite kind? Share your comments here!

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