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You’ve been grilling for years. Humanity as a whole has been grilling for centuries. Next to baseball games and Chicago-style hot dogs, grilling is the number one American pastime.

So why has it taken us until the 21st century to really start enjoying our outdoor spaces with all the amenities of your kitchen? I’m talking outdoor kitchens folks. It’s time to get serious about grilling.

Imagine how enjoyable…and easy outdoor cooking would be when everything is right at your finger tips!

Connect the inside to the outside…

or create an open, airy floor plan…

or retreat to a secluded oasis.

Wherever you decide to cook, don’t forget to add touches of your own style.

And have a little fun with the landscape.

See more inspiring outdoor kitchens right here and let the creativity begin!

Wordless Wednesday–where we let images taken from gardeners within the BHG.com Share My Gallery–say it all.

Heuchera ‘Havana’

Heuchera ‘Havana’ posted by reader sboltz3

Blooming Mums

Blooming Mums posted by reader LindaNascar

Top of tulip

Honeysuckle bloom posted by reader ChristaAnnBurns

Show us what you have blooming in your garden by uploading your photos today!

For years flowers have grown around a plethora of garden accents–from the gazing ball…to trellis…to statues for whatever mood fits you.

But for me I prefer highlighting my garden with vintage finds.

Small chicken feeder filled with begonia, coleus in navy blue planter

Purple fountaingrass planted in galvanized bucket, foxtail fern planted in brown pot

It’s a true extension of my interior space. And that’s what I think gardening should be about–revealing your style throughout the spaces that you enjoy the most. Take a look around your home…find what makes you the happiest, the most comfortable, and see if you can incorporate that into your own garden.

Large chicken feeder filled with geranium, sweet potato vine, fiber-optic grass, and calibrachoa

Here’s a quick glance at the chicken feeder…before the plants took over. This summer I was going with “more is better” philosophy….I might have learned my lesson.

Keg barrel with galvanized tub filled with salvia, sweet potato vine, and Wave petunias

Galvanized tub filled with fiber-optic grass, salvia, ivy geranium, and sweet potato vine,

As you may have figured out….I love weathered galvanized metal and have a chicken feeder fetish. Recently, Deborah Silver on Dirt Simple rounded up a fantastic lineup of containers that I’d love to have in my garden. There’s more to these obsessions,  but I’ll save that for another story-time. Do you have a fetish? One that you carry on into the garden? Tell me about it! I don’t want to be the only one!!

Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with snake grass (also called horsetail, or Equisetum hymale) thanks to my babysitter who showed me how to disassemble each section and carefully snap them back together {also…the blades worked really well to whip at my little brother}.

But there is something more you should know about snake grass….she spreads. Like crazy. And will best serve your landscape if she was contained or left to flourish in her natural habitat.

Cleverly this homeowner notched out a piece of sidewalk for the plant to soften the dreary look of their mailbox.

In addition, the homeowner planted snake grass along her foundation–so the plant is still contained by the front sidewalk. The grass complements the modern, sleek characteristics of the house while providing an unique, low maintenance element.

Beyond your landscape, snake grass works well in wetlands–waterways, ditches, etc–to soak up some of the water and choke out unsightly weeds, similar to how cattails perform. Or use it for a filler within your cut flower bouquets. However you interject snake grass in your garden, please be mindful of its growing habit and plant wisely.

If you’ve grown this grass before–tell me about your experience–how you used it–how you contained it–or how you had fun with it!

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