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Even though I’m on our website day in and day out, there are still inspiring images I manage to miss (somehow!) And if you’ve been reading Everyday Gardeners you’ll know about my obsession with Pinterest. So it’s been my habit to peruse the Better Homes and Gardens Pinterest boards to catch up on what I might have missed.

With the recent change in weather I’m reminded how I’ve yet to decorate my front entry for the season and in desperation have taken to BHG’s Pinterest board for some quick and easy ideas.

This is what’s inspiring me


Source: bhg.com via Better Homes and Gardens on Pinterest

I’ve always love the look of burnt orange gourds. Creating a topiary of them for the front stoop sounds perfect.



Bittersweet is always a favorite of mine. Draping it over pumpkins, on the mantel or creating a wreath are just a few ideas I’ve daydreamed about.



Maybe a fresh coat of paint will help set the tone for the season.



Surely mums are a must!


How are you decorating for the season? What do you always include on your front stoop? Pumpkins? Mums?

As the season goes in Iowa, temperatures have started to drop and it’s evident with this week’s stroll through the BHG Test Garden.  Some plants have completely lost their luster, while others are thriving. Take notes to know what to plant next year for  a long season of color.

Here fall-blooming mums mixed with pansies work well along a pathway.

Here’s a shrub you don’t see often in the landscape, but is perfect for adding color to  a shady garden: Dwarf fothergilla.

Depending on the season, fothergilla fall foliage can turn yellow, orange, or red.

Although the Test Garden is closed for the year, you can still enjoy the season’s colors! Right outside the east doors of Meredith several clump ginkgo are planted and have started to turn golden yellow.

Just a quick tidbit: it’s a rarity to find such awesome specimens of ginkgo in Iowa, let alone with multiple clumps. I’d highly suggest if you have a chance to see for yourself the magnitude of these trees, you do!

How’s you’re gardening looking this fall? What’s your favorite fall plant? I have to say Little Henry sweetspire is my favorite.




Last week I took a stroll through the BHG Test Garden and as I alluded, the colors have changed in just a sort time.

The tips of the serviceberry leaves are starting to turn their usual orange and red.

Ajuga is a great groundcover for any garden from full sun to full shade! I particularly enjoy the dark, dramatic foliage of  ’Black Scallop’ shown here.

Generally more upright in habit, the Golden Pillar barberry shows great promise this fall as its golden yellow foliage turns reddish orange.  Here’s a closer look:

This is the LAST week the Test Garden will be open! Be sure to get in while you can, speak with Sandra, the BHG Test Garden manager, and snag any snippet of garden knowledge she’s willing to share!

Although fall has started its descent, a quick stroll through the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden proves there is still a lot of life left in the season. Here are just a few of the beauties I found flourishing in the garden.

The Knock Out shrub roses are literally a knockout in the garden. Once their blooms start kicking in spring, they’ll last up till the first hard frost in fall. It’s hard not to stop dead in your tracks to admire their beauty.

Close view of the Rainbow Knock Out shrub rose’s bloom.

Ornamental grasses are center stage right now–everywhere! The gracefulness of the switchgrass’ plumes are what makes it one of my favorites, not to mention grasses are a perfect addition to any garden for fall and winter appeal.

2008 Perennial of the YearRozanne Geranium is the longest blooming perennial geranium in the landscape right now.  I’ll be curious to see how long these flowers last this fall!

If you’ve got time or in the neighborhood, have your lunch in the test garden tomorrow–it’s open from 12-2pm! Otherwise, tune in next week…I’m anticipating a change in the scenery.

In April, Better Homes and Gardens teamed up with Triscuit to create the ultimate Home Farming challenge for three bloggers {who’d never gardened before} to create their best home farm.

Triscuit Bloggers

Annie, Catherine and Peabody accepted said challenge and frankly…dominated it! Each blogger had different conditions to grow their vegetables in–balcony, typical residential lot and a rural setting, thus creating a variety of challenges. But overall I’m quite impressed with how well their home farms flourished!

Here’s a look at their finished products:

Annie Mama Dweeb

Annie Mama Dweeb

Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis

Peabody Rudd

Peabody Rudd

To get a feel for where they started–check out the progress pictures for Annie, Catherine and Peabody. Or read up on how they overcame their struggles and managed to eat from their garden throughout the summer.

And then help us decide who created the best home farm by voting here {psst….just by voting you are entered to win $1000 yourself!}

Apparently Pinterest has been around now for quite some time.  I however didn’t jump on the bandwagon until recently. Not to anyone’s fault other than mine: I just wasn’t aware of it! So I’m doing you a favor by introducing you to Pinterest.

Say hello.

Pinterest is about sharing–’pinning’ to be exact. Pinning what you admire. Pinning what you’re doing. Pinning what you’re envious of. Pinning what you’re aspiring to be.

Pin anything. Well…almost anything.

Pinterest to me, is like picking up my favorite magazine filled with images of inspiration tailoring to all my facets: vintage, burlap, gardening and so much more.

Pinterest is also about sharing goodness. If you find something interesting and think the world might also find it interesting this is your platform. That’s what I love the most (other than of course the inspiring images). This closely coincides with my love for Better Homes and Gardens.

What better platform than Pinterest to share the BH&G love! Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m particularly enjoying pinning these days:

To see more of my Better Homes and Gardens favorites…check out my board. Or make a board of your own! Happy pinning!

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