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My Good Dog Scout

Could not let today pass without celebrating my good dog Scout’s 16th birthday. She has been by my side, through thick and thin, for longer than I could have ever hoped. And she’s the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. She is a registered rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier (from Medford, New Jersey). A few facts about Scout: She LOVES water. She jumped into the frigid Atlantic at four months old and she has even jumped off a boat into the Hudson River. Once, when I took her in the car with me to the grocery store, she got out of the car (the shoulder strap had kept the door from shutting securely), made her way through the busy parking lot, through two sets of automatic doors, and walked up and down the aisles of the store until she—tail wagging—found me. Scout turned 11 on 11/11/11. She used to love to chase rocks. Not just any rocks. She would meticulously find just the right rock from our next-door-neighbor’s driveway and bring it to me, excited for me to throw it right back into the driveway, where she would search and smell until she found the exact same rock. This would repeat itself endlessly. Sometimes she brought her favorite rocks into the house. I still have her collection of rocks. She has kissed many famous folks, including Ricki Lake, Kyle MacLachlan, Sandra Bernhard, and Isaac Mizrahi. Once on a flight to St. Louis, she escaped her carrier and had to sit in my lap (in first class!) for the rest of the flight. We were seated across from Bob Costas, and at one point, he asked me if he could hold her for a while. She loves most things that begin with the letter “p”: pepperoni, potato chips, peas, pretzels, peanuts, pistachios, you get the idea. When she could hear better, Noras Jones’ song “Don’t Know Why” would make Scout howl. And, yes, she was named in honor of the famous tomboy in To Kill a Mockingbird (and my other terrier is appropriately named Finch). So this evening, we’ll take an extra-long walk. Then she’ll be having fresh rotisserie chicken and roasted sweet potatoes for supper. And I’ll let her give me one more stinky kiss before we go to bed.

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