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A sunny afternoon

Here’s a Cooper’s hawk, which I photographed today from out the back door of my house. It wasn’t eating anything that I could see, just warming itself next to a south-facing wall, apparently. I see hawks in the back yard once in a while, as well as the evidence they leave behind in the form of body parts from the feeder birds the devour. Pretty cool to see nature in the suburbs like this. I suppose it’s back around because the robins and other birds seem to have showed up this week in large numbers. Despite the rotten weather and snow, spring is trying to break through!

Cooper’s hawk sunning itself.

2 Responses to “ A sunny afternoon ”

  1. It is definitely cool to see nature like this but I could do without the body parts lying around.

  2. Seeing many Robins, but snow still covering the ground. I don’t think they know what to do.

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