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Sweet onions

A friend of mine, a photographer we use on the magazine quite a bit, is an avid gardener. We share tips a lot and one thing he told me was that onions grown from seed would produce a much better crop for him than putting out sets that he bought at the store. That seemed counter-intuitive to me, but I decided to give it a try. Sure enough! I got my largest onions ever from seeds I germinated indoors and then transplanted once the soil thawed. I really don’t know why it works, but it does. I bring this up now because it’s January, and garden centers are just now putting up their seed racks, so you can get the seed now, and germinate it indoors. It’s not the fastest seed to grow, so if you start soon, you should have nice little 4-5 inch seedlings to plant out by Feb or March, whenever your soil is thawed enough to allow planting. (This year, it will probably be later than sooner!) Onions are hardy, so plant as early as you can.

Garden-fresh onions

2 Responses to “ Sweet onions ”

  1. Thanks for shearing a nice post. Onions are hardy, so plant as early as you can.

  2. I just read that yesterday in Territorial Seed Company’s catalog as well.

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