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Apple of my eye

I love the idea of edible landscapes. Not just veggie gardens, but entire gardens with edibles sprinkled throughout. Not every edible is suited for this — some are simply not very pretty. But here’s one that I can’t find fault with. This is a Blushing Delight Urban Apple from Garden Debut. It’s a dwarf columnar tree that stays under 10 feet but still produces full size, yummy apples. I’ve been enjoying them lately, as they’ve just started to fully ripen. And the tree stays so tidy, you can put it almost anywhere, and you’ll never have that “What was I thinking?!” moment that happens when you realize you planted a too-big plant in a too-small space.

Blushing Delight apple from Garden Debut

4 Responses to “ Apple of my eye ”

  1. I like the idea of being able to put this apple in a large pot outside in the courtyard. Do you think that would work?

  2. I once had the opportunity of tasting one such apple- but it did not taste good at all. It was awful. But you say that this particular plant produces yummy apples- if its actually so then could you please give us an idea on where in California I can get this plant. I would love to have it at my place as well.

  3. Great question Albert. Garden Debut is the company who grows and would ship the columnar apples to your garden center. Here is a link to their website where they can hopefully help you locate a plant — or two :)

    Katie Ketelsen
    >>> Digital Garden Editor, BHG.com

  4. Thank you Katie for your valuable reply. I would contact them at the earliest and wish to have the plant for my garden as well. The thought of having them itself is exciting for me, looking forward to it.

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