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3 Knock-Your-Spring-Socks-Off Bulb Combinations

If you’re looking for first-of-the-spring blooms, you have to plant bulbs. And you have to get them in the ground this fall! I understand how overwhelming it might be to decide which bulbs to pair together — there are so many options! I get it. Hopefully, I can help by sharing three of my favorite bulb combinations.


When I see white and purple together in the garden, it seems so fresh, so crisp, and so refreshing, especially after a long winter. It’s probably my ultimate bulb-combo recommendation. There are several different varieties of daffodils and tulips, see which ones suit might your fancy in our plant encyclopedia: Daffodils,  Tulips.

Looking for more ways to pair white and purple? Get design ideas here.


I’ve always thought the idea of planting bulbs in your lawn for a blanket of spring blooms was clever. Someday I’ll implement this technique with fragrant grape hyacinth and crocus. It really isn’t that hard. See how here.  Also, find out which grape hyacinths are our favorites and learn more about growing crocus.

Do you have bulbs planted in your lawn? I’d love to hear what varieties — and any tips you’ve learned.

Bold Partners

Sometimes you have the desire to make a statement, turn heads in the neighborhood, and that requires a bold combo. Crown imperial and parrot tulips top my list for a crowd-pleaser. Not only are they unique bloomers, their color really pops in the garden. Learn more about crown imperial and hybrid tulips from our plant encyclopedia.


Do you have a favorite bulb combination? Share with us!

6 Responses to “ 3 Knock-Your-Spring-Socks-Off Bulb Combinations ”

  1. Pink and white ranunculus are pretty amazing together. I’ve done those before and I am going to do those again this year.

    I’m also planting a white garden, with 905 white bulbs. They won’t all come up at once, of course, but it should be quite a show. Before I decided on a white garden I was really considering white and purple.

  2. I think of the three combinations, the first one is the best and the most eye catching. White and purple bulbs together look awesome and give a refreshing feeling. I must say it is a must have for every garden.

  3. Have to say Albert, I agree. I am definitely one for a more refreshing color scheme, especially right after winter! Thanks for the comment!
    Katie Ketelsen
    >>> Digital Garden Editor, BHG.com

  4. I love the white daffodils and purple tulips. I did find a superb combo by adding dwarf red tulips to my white and purple crocus patch for an unusual pop of color.

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