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3 Ways To Frost Proof Your Garden

Fall Raised Bed Frost Cover Greenhouse Shawna Coronado

Fall is almost upon us, so it is time to start planning for how you are going to extend those garden crops for as long as possible through the frost season (see the before picture on the right). Helping your vegetables survive through fall means a longer growing season and money saved in the bank. There are two types of frosts to be aware of. Advective Frosts are plant killers; very coldFall Raised Bed Shawna Coronado temperatures that drop below plant hardiness levels. Radiation Frosts are survivable for your plants if they are covered and generally represent the frosts most likely to occur in early fall.

Below are three super-easy ways to help save your crops from a radiation type of frost. Advective frosts are tough to fight and you might need more powerful protection tools. All the below concepts involve covering the crop and trapping the heat of the soil beneath the covering. These coverings work as long as they do not get wet. A wet cover makes the temperatures surrounding the plant cooler.

1. Blanket and Sheet Covers

These are the simplest to use. Simply toss a lightweight blanket or sheet over the area of garden you are trying to protect. I have been known to use all the blankets in my house and ask my neighbors for theirs, but have had regular success in saving the garden for many weeks if there is only a one or two night frost situation; the covers help the plants survive those two nights in order to enjoy the Indian Summer later in the fall. Be sure to remove the blanket in the morning so the plants receive sunlight and warmth during the day.

2. Floating Row Crop Covers

Floating covers keep frost and insects off the plants, but allow daylight to provide enough light for growth. Depending on the plant, you can leave the row cover up all day without a problem. Do not forget to water the plants that are beneath the floating row covers.

3. Plastic and Garden Covers

Plastic covers work, particularly if you have a supportive frame to cover the planting bed. If you like, you can add lights at night to increase warmth within the protective frame. In the top photo you see the miniature greenhouse garden cover I have placed over my raised beds from Greenland Gardener. The garden cover is easy to assemble – it took me less than 15 minutes to put this together and place it properly. Unfold, assemble support pole, place in position, tighten Velcro (see photo below), tie the poles together at the top, place over beds, and DONE!

Fall Raised Bed Frost Cover Greenland Gardener Greenhouse

Fall Raised Bed Frost Cover Greenhouse Velcro

According the FTC, I need to let you know that I received products in this story at no cost in exchange for reviewing them. They worked well and I am happy about that.

9 Responses to “ 3 Ways To Frost Proof Your Garden ”

  1. Consider recommending they put some sort of cloth over it when it’s going near 32. Plastic or Glass only gives about 1 – 2 degree frost protection. If you put a blanket over it it’s good to 18, a sheet approx 25.

  2. Thanks much George, for your comment. Good ideas!!!


  3. This are such good ideas I will definitely be trying them!!!

  4. Thanks Vickie!


  5. - I readsomewhere, in my travels about using Bubble Wrap to protect your pot plants etc.
    I suppose for a short-term remedy it may help!!

  6. Well…the idea is that the ground heat (which is considerable, especially if there’s good sun and moisture) gets held in , so anything that adds a thermal layer helps–and most of the time, you’re not trying to keep it from the frost specifically, you’re trying to save it from the wind/heavy rain/etc weather extremes that can come with cold weather.

  7. I agree- any of these covers discussed in the post proves to be very helpful for the plants and a key to its survival. I have used them for my plants for many years and I have known the importance of these covers- especially because the little plants do not survive more than a few days if the cover is not used.

  8. I live in Zone 8 in South Louisiana and I can tell you the floating row covers work great. I leave them on most of the time. Great info

  9. Looks like a camping tent. Maybe I can let our tent do dual duty!

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