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Boost Your Indoor Space: Add Houseplants

The following is a guest blog post from Justin Hancock.

Looking for an easy way to make your life better? Grow houseplants! Seriously: Having houseplants can improve your quality of life. There’s a wealth of scientific studies out there showing just how good houseplants are for us on a fundamental level.

For example, a study from the University of Michigan found that having a plant in your home office can make you more productive. Turns out having plants in our indoor spaces improves concentration and memory.


Other research shows plants help us relax, making them perfect picks for bedrooms. And when you add in the fact that plants filter indoor air pollution (like dangerous VOCs found in paint, carpet, cabinets, etc.), it seems like an even better idea to keep a houseplant or two nearby.

If you’ve never had a houseplant, now’s the perfect time to get one. It’s National Indoor Plant Week, a time to celebrate the benefits of having plants around us indoors.


So what are some of the best houseplants? Three of the most stylish, easy-care varieties are: snake plant, zeezee plant, and ponytail palm.









About Justin Hancock: A hardcore gardener and professional horticulturist (and former Better Homes and Gardens staffer), Justin lives in Miami and works for Costa Farms, the country’s largest grower of houseplants. He surrounds himself with plants at home and in the office, making him a happy, well-adjusted person. His garden writing has appeared on websites, print, television, and video.






One Response to “ Boost Your Indoor Space: Add Houseplants ”

  1. Coral vines are gorgeous, considered noxious weeds in south Florida because they climb telephone poles to the top and continue on, covering all with this very rich pink blanket of blooms. Give them a wire fence, and the fence disappears.
    I miss them.
    Mother-in-law tongues. Air plants. I miss them.
    Growing ginger root in pots … what a great-looking bamboo display. Miss them. What you buy in stores here is already moldy and has been irradiated.
    As the owner of an elk and deer sanctuary in the Rocky Mountain wilderness, thinking of all your plants makes me smile.

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