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Get The Look: An Outdoor Bar

As soon as I spotted this outdoor entertaining space, I loved the DIY-able idea for an outdoor bar. You could use any type of cinderblock base and any pressure-treated wood that will withstand the elements. Grab a few colorful accessories, invite your friends over, serve some drinks and enjoy the arrival of fall! Here are a few items I rounded up to help you get this look!

outdoor bar get the look

I think a butcher block piece would look really great in this set-up. The sleek bar-height chairs give a great space for seating and chatting with guests as you serve up a drink. Don’t forget to finish the look with a few pretty containers and plants. (Ikea always has great, inexpensive options!) Shop for a few color coordinating pieces like a watering can or hand towel. Enjoy!

outdoor bar get the look


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11 Responses to “ Get The Look: An Outdoor Bar ”

  1. This looks amazing! What a creative and easy way to spruce up an area perfect for entertaining!!

  2. Whitney, I especially love the accent pieces and how you chose bright colors to make the space even more lively and fun. This post made me get excited about fall!

  3. I love the colors with the butcher block and those metal chairs. super easy that way to switch things up with the seasons! (or when there’s a good sale…)

  4. Would love better directions with this! What size butcher blocks, where did you find them? How tall is the bar? Etc! Thanks!

  5. Love this outside bar. Simple, functional, easy to care for, can be constructed with “found” materials, and can be personalized to one’s own taste.

  6. What did you use for your ground cover?

  7. I’m loving the mustard color in the glass and watering can and how simple they are and yet the make a HUGE statement. I’m a huge fan of your shares so keep them coming.

  8. I love everything about it
    In going to attempt to diy it
    Can You help me where can I get the block looking stand and the table block maybe measurement too
    Thank you

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