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Garden Inspiration in San Francisco

I was in San Francisco last week and I was so pleased that everywhere I turned there were beautiful containers, giant succulents, and colorful (mini!) city gardens. Here are a few of the plants and containers that really inspired me during our trip. I am dying to add a few more succulents to my collection, and hopefully find a sunny place they’ll thrive.

garden inspiration from san francisco

This succulent container (below) has got to be the healthiest and biggest I’ve ever seen. I love the idea of succulents in a strawberry pot. Here are a few other ideas for succulents in your home!

garden inspiration from san francisco

This one (below) was also huge! I wish I’d gotten a picture standing beside it for scale. It was at least 3 feet tall and as big as my face. It was so fascinating to see so many succulents with stems thick and strong like tree branches. I even spotted a few succulents as big as shrubs. From afar, I’d never have known the difference!

garden inspiration from san francisco

I’m not sure what these purple-headed fellows are, but they are lovely. Nestled in this stone container structure and up against the purple walls of the boutique they belonged to, they really stood out!

Update : A kind reader emailed to tell me these are statice, they like dry conditions and do well in California. (Thanks, Diane!)

garden inspiration from san francisco

This is definitely the biggest cactus I’ve ever seen!

garden inspiration from san francisco

At every storefront and back alley there are containers (mostly wooden, I noticed) like this one, with succulents, grasses and herbs lending an intimate and thoughtful feel to the quick city streets. Here are a few great succulent ideas I’m going to try next in my own garden. I’m definitely inspired by these container gardens and the thoughtfulness of those who created them!

garden inspiration from san francisco

Photos by Whitney of The Curtis Casa

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  1. Lovely succulents. I live and garden in Las Vegas, out of necessity I have added some to my pots.

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