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Top 3 Must-Haves For An Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Room

Outdoor Garden Room with Potting Bench

Outdoor garden rooms are all the rage right now and having a unique spot in the garden to call my own sounded pretty appealing. My goal: Transform my haphazard back potting patio into a better looking space that serves the dual purpose of both being an outdoor room and a storage area for my container planting supplies.

Outdoor Room Before Photo
My home exterior is an odd mixture of suburban siding and 1970′s design – I’m always trying to switch it about or update it. We resided the house a few years ago, which was a tremendous change for the exterior image of the garden and home itself, but the back patio really needed some help. It’s an odd shaped deck enclosed by fencing and used as a storage place for the garbage cans and a landing spot for anything and everything [see above].

Removing the extra fencing was the first step, then the garbage cans and old seating. After that I decided what my goal was for an outdoor garden potting bench room — I wanted a functional area I could store my containers, layer my bagged potting soil, sit and entertain friends, and enjoy a beautiful view.

Garden Room Potting Bench


1. Potting Bench – My husband built my bench – he had no plan, just used 4×4′s, wood planks, galvanized nails, and his amazing engineering-based imagination.

2. Seating - The two bright orange Adirondack chairs came from Freecycle.org. A local family in the community gave them to me unpainted and covered in moss. I bleached the chairs, sanded them, then painted them with brightly colored exterior paint.

3. A View – By removing the deck fencing I opened up the view significantly. Then I built a colorful outdoor fireplace photo and chandelier wall as a centerpiece for the deck (here is the how to do – LINK). A container tower acts as a median view between the garden room and the garden itself.

Transforming your deck or patio into a garden potting bench area that also serves as an outdoor garden room is a great way to combine two needs into your outdoor design plan. Building a room with a view and reusing older things to help with the transformation is a terrific way to make the garden more green and sustainable as well. Build a patio room in your garden this summer that is functional, fun, and a nice place to spend time.

Outdoor Garden Room Adirondack Chairs

10 Responses to “ Top 3 Must-Haves For An Outdoor Garden Potting Bench Room ”

  1. The fireplace and chandelier are not to my taste, but they are definitely a striking look. I never thought about having a “ground floor” deck – ours is raised and in need of repair so maybe just pulling it out and putting in a lower one is great idea!

  2. I like the ground floor deck as it really allows me a work space and an entertaining space with plenty of room. Thanks for your note. :-)


  3. that chandelier is fantastic! what a great piece of whimsy for the garden. love it.

  4. I liked those red colored chairs very much, they add a touch of liveliness to the garden. The chandeliers are also very beautiful.

  5. What a great transformation! I think the vibrant color on the chairs looks so welcoming and works really well as it echoes the same color in the rain barrel, door and some plants. I’ve got an old chandelier I wanted to do this with and I’m thinking of adding some small solar lights for a bit of evening glow.

  6. Solar lights would be an excellent idea! Would love to see your final design. :-)


  7. Thanks Albert. :-)

  8. And it’s FREE. I got it from Freecycle.org. You can’t beat that.

  9. I love the fireplace! How did you weatherproof it and the chandelier? Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers!

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