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Essential Garden Tools for Beginners

If you’ve ever wandered into your local garden center and been overwhelmed with the selection of tools and gadgets, you are not alone! With an abundance of options, it can be overwhelming to start your collection of garden tools. I think there are just a few essentials you need to grab as you get started, and the rest will come with time and experimentation!

Garden trowel - A basic garden trowel for planting and digging, this one will be your constant companion in the garden!

Potting scoop - Make it easy on yourself and don’t try to use a trowel as a scoop! I’ve done it many times and I end up with spilled dirt everywhere. Plus, there’s a fun story behind this particular scoop – Shawna had a hand in its creation!

Hand hoes – Two types of hand hoes that are both great for breaking up tough soil, one with sharp teeth for and one that’s skinny for tight spaces.

Bulb planter – When you plant your bulbs this fall, you’ll be glad to have an easy bulb planter around. Just stick it in the ground and pull it out for the exact right hole size!

Hand fork – Great for weeding and loosening the soil. I’ve been known to dig with mine when I’m too lazy to grab a trowel!

Images from Garden Tool Co.

4 Responses to “ Essential Garden Tools for Beginners ”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these tools. Thanks so much for featuring the Shawna Trowel. I like that there’s a lifetime guarantee on each tool.


    Happy Gardening!


  2. Nice collection, these tools are absolutely very essential for any gardener, thanks for the pics. I have all of them for my garden.

  3. But what about longer handle tools such as garden and leaf rakes, a good shovel and perhaps a hoe? Maybe they are more useful for a vegetable garden than a flowering garden, so that’s why I think they’re essential. Also, if you’re planting a lot of bulbs you can just dig a trench, line up the bulbs, cover them all and be done with it. Of course, that’s the technique I use when implanting 25 to 50 bulbs at a time.

  4. My favourite tool is the Orginal Weeder

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