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Medinilla magnifica?

While attending the OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio, a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a really cool new plant. Well, new to me…and probably for you as well. Originally from the Phillipines, this truly magnificent houseplant—dubbed Medinilla magnifica—is the size of a medium hosta (or a poinsettia)and produces a handful of massive pink cascading fist-sized blossoms, “a graceful waterfall of flowers with angel’s wings and delicate magic pearls,” as the Canadian grower’s marketing materials describe it. Check it out at www.medinilla.ca. After all, they’re looking for distribution in the United States. I carried one home on the airplane in my carry-on and here it sits in my office blooming its head off. They say to treat it like an orchid: Bright, indirect light and allow it to dry out completely between waterings. What do you think?

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