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From Our Garden Friends: Blog Posts We’re Loving

There is so much garden goodness floating around the internet, I felt compelled to share! Here’s my weekly round-up of blog posts I found inspiring and highly pin-able.

J Peterson Garden Design

On my dream farm, I will have chickens. In the meantime, I daydream by perusing websites, blogs and magazines all regarding chickens. I even show my son YouTube videos of chickens (just so he’ll know what to do when we actually get some mini-cluckers). So you can imagine my excitement when my friend Jenny Peterson posted videos of her chicks as they were gearing up (or down) to lay some eggs! I’m sharing one of the videos – PLEASE click here to see the other video of her Daisy Belle. They’re so fun to watch!

Garden Media Group

What first caught my eye about this blog post from my friends at Garden Media Group, was its title: “New Study Finds Treehuggers Had It Right All Along” (Um…how could you not click on that link?!?) Not necessarily for the treehugger comment, but I really wanted to know what they’ve known all along. Don’t you?

Well….I’m not telling. You’ll have to click here to see the answer.

Sidenote: Isn’t that little man the cutest thing you ever saw? All the more reason to get your kids involved in gardening, not only to plant a tree, but for a great photo opt. 






While I’m already married and not the biggest fan of dresses — I’d sure find a place to wear this beauty thanks to Flowerona’s last blog post. It would have been really cool to walk down the aisle draped in flowers. Can you imagine?!? Click here to see more gorgeous, fashionable ways to accent your wardrobe with flowers.


Did you miss last week’s round-up of blog posts we loved? Got ya covered. Click here, and if you so dare, click here. If you’ve got a favorite blog — maybe it’s your own? — let me know! I’m always on the hunt for trendsetters.

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