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Garden Bench Build – No Drill, No Saw, All Easy

No Drill Bench and Vertical Wall Garden

One of my awesome-sauce neighbors came over a few weeks ago and said, “Wanna buncha old cement blocks?” When I saw the blocks I jumped up and down and clapped my hands, “Dude – I have the best idea for these – A GARDEN BENCH!” He stared numbly at me, blinked his eyes, and said, “I just wanna get rid of’em. Take them.” Well alrighty then. I took the blocks, painted, stacked, and fed cedar 4X4’s through the holes. Topped with bench cushions and KERPOW I have super garden bench power.

Bench painting cement blocksSupplies Needed:

12 cement blocks

4 cedar 4X4’s

2 cans of one coat paint

Cushions that will fit


How To:

1. Paint cement blocks your feature color

2. Make two towers of six blocks each [see photo] placed on a level surface

3. Feed cedar 4X4’s through the top holes

4. Top with cushions to make it a comfortable sit or lay.

Bench no saw no drill assembled

This is a super-easy solution to your summertime garden bench troubles. No drilling, no sawing, and the bench is sturdy and secure. Create a perfect place to relax and spend an afternoon reading in the garden or place it along a sidewalk or near the entrance to your garden and use it as a tool and watering can rest stop. Get yourself  garden bench power today and build a bench!

15 Responses to “ Garden Bench Build – No Drill, No Saw, All Easy ”

  1. GREAT IDEA ! Definitely a project that I can do :)

  2. So glad you like the idea. YOU CAN DO IT! WOOT!!!

  3. Will definitely pin this for later reference and to share with followers – what a simply refreshing DIY project (so many DIY projects are far too involved for beginners – this one, by contrast, is just perfect). It looks nice in your garden and probably took what, 30 minutes tops?

  4. Que ideia maravilhosa sustentável pratica econômica rustica e qual quer pessoa pode fazer, não é?

  5. I might consider tube of contractor’s cement or at least some silicone in a tube to stabilize the blocks. Liquid Nails might be more than you want. Silicone would allow you to pull the blocks apart to move them.

  6. Obrigado pelos bons votos. Sim, este é um projecto fácil de fazer!


  7. Absolutely. I built this as a temporary display so I can change it every year. :-)

  8. Thanks so much for your support! And yes – took me less than 30 minutes to assemble. :-)

  9. Very cool and very do-able idea! Thanks for sharing. Will “pin”.

  10. I agree, this is a very do-able project and an easy one even for the beginners. I loved the idea!! Thanks a ton for sharing the pic and the idea with everyone here.

  11. Shawna, wont the blocks move if one sits on the bench, or a bunch of kids are playing and push against it? Just curious.. what a marvellous idea!

  12. Glad you like it Albert! :-)


  13. Woot! Loving the super-easy and do-able!!


  14. Love the idea. You can also use longer cedar so that you can extend the wood a foot past each side of the blocks. Lay a 2×8 or 2×10 piece of wood in top of each side of seat and voila, you have two shelves in which to display flower pots, out door lighting or whatever garden trinket your heart desires.

  15. Great idea! Love it!!!


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