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Get the Look: A Relaxing Patio, Covered in Containers

I love how this relaxing patio packs in so many containers – I see a plethora of succulents, a couple of boxwoods, a tall yucca plant, and even an orange tree tucked away in there! My dream patio would definitely have containers galore, just like this. With plenty of places to sit, the red cushions and lanterns lend an inviting, relaxed look.

To recreate this look, feel free to combine different colors and shapes in your patio furniture. A sleek black chair from Pottery Barn or Ikea looks great paired with the traditional teak furniture pictured above. I love the addition of mismatched, colorful lanterns too. A couple of modern strawberry pots, a succulent bowl and an orange tree complete the look for this container-covered patio! Enjoy!


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5 Responses to “ Get the Look: A Relaxing Patio, Covered in Containers ”

  1. Is the other garden furniture featured in the photo teak? It certainly looks it… Could you find the link where we could purchase something like that? The set is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Hi there! Yes, it looks like the other furniture in the photo is traditional teak. There are lots of great options online, a couple of good options are http://www.countrycasual.com/ and http://www.westminsterteak.com/.

  3. Yes, that does look like nice teak furniture. I like how the furniture in the photo has been allowed to weather naturally to a silver patina. It proves that you don’t need to oil teak furniture for it to look great.

  4. I LOVE this look! The red accent with the gray and charcoal look great together! I am a red fan as long as it’s done tastefully and this is! Great Job!!

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