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Weatherproof Picture Frames For Your Special Outdoor Room

Weatherproof outdoor snap frame photo wall with chandelier fireplace and insulators

Garden rooms offer up a unique twist to the traditional garden. Every garden room needs garden art, of course, and I have the perfect solution for you to hang your favorite photos and posters into your garden haven. Recently a garden writer and photographer friend of mine, Christopher Tidrick, gifted me with a few of his gorgeous black and white photos. I came up with a solution to display them in a special way by installing the art in a unique weatherproof outdoor picture frame as part of a larger garden room wall.

Weatherproof outdoor snap frames can be ordered online at standard sizes or custom ordered to specific sizes via Snapframesdirect.com. Frames cannot support any additional matting as it leaves a space that water can leak into. In fact, weatherproof does not mean completely waterproof, but I have had tremendous success with the frames this season with no leaks whatsoever.

Below you can see how we put together the main garden room wall design using the weatherproof photo frames, old Formica, a non-working chandelier, and a fireplace surround.

How To Put Together My Garden Room Wall Design

First we need to find the best spot to hang an attractive grouping. Below you see my blank slate, the side of my deck, which will be the center of attention when you sit in my garden room.

Weatherproof picture Frame Wall

Weatherproof outdoor picture base formica counter top

My awesome carpenter helper buddy, Ricky Rolon, is helping me reuse a bright blue Formica countertop from the 1960’s [above]. He cut it into a large rectangle using a power saw. We hung that as the base for the trio of photos [below].

Weatherproof outdoor snap frame with formica counter top base

Weatherproof outdoor snap photo frame screws

Screwing the picture frames into the base is super-easy and then we just snap in the beautiful black and white photos [above]. After that we painted a white frame to go around the entire ensemble [below].

Weatherproof outdoor snap frame outer trim

Weatherproof outdoor snap frame chandelier support

Ricky nailed the white frame up around the Formica and installed a special support for the chandelier. Earlier this season I found the old brass chandelier for free. I cut out the old wiring, removed and cleaned the crystals, spray painted the chandelier white, and replaced the crystals. The white fireplace surround has been in my garden for years – I painted it white to better show off the garden wall and placed a mirror behind it to have it look more finished.

Below you see a close photo of the chandelier and snap frames with the Formica background. As an added touch I set out a collection of glass insulators on the fireplace because they remind me of my grandmother. With the addition of snap on weatherproof outdoor photo frames, a chandelier, and the fireplace surround, we were able to create a sweet little outdoor room garden wall filled with memories of friends and family.

Weatherproof outdoor snap fram photo with chandelier and fireplace

According the FTC, I need to let you know that I received products in this story at no cost in exchange for reviewing them.

10 Responses to “ Weatherproof Picture Frames For Your Special Outdoor Room ”

  1. Great job! Love it!

  2. Glad you like it – definitely a fun and creative adventure!

  3. Wouldn’t any plastic frame do well outdoors? Or do they tend to bleach and lose their color in the sunlight? I’m considering doing something like this with my patio– currently it’s as bare as bones!

  4. No. Plastic frames or any picture frames let in tons of water into the photo display area. These frames have a special sealing trim that prevent excess water from getting under the frame area.

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  6. I’ve been searching for something like this for a memorial garden because I’m just not handy enough to make it myself. Does anyone know of an outdoor picture frame available that you can just order?

  7. Need a weather proof frame about 16×20 for memorial picture around a fire pit. Do you know where I can purchase one?

  8. Try this online business


    they specialise in waterproof photo’s and have framing options including lightweight aluminium powder coated frames so it won’t rust.

    With access to over 40 million images, I am sure you will find the right image to enhance your life.

    Small Business located on the Gold Coast, Australia.

  9. I am in need of a reliable supplier of water proof 8×10 outdoor photo frames for my business. Do you carry or can you produce a photo frame close to this size? I can not tell you if I will need 100 or 10,000 per year as I am in the start up stages of my business.

    Thank you for your time,
    Randy Moore
    In Remebrance, LLC

  10. I want to water proof a picture to hang oh my deck. The frame is plastic and it is paper and or cardboard picture. Any ideas?

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