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An Easy Way to Water

Are your summer months spent traveling and vacationing in and out of town? Weekend road trips or a week at the beach can do some damage to your garden if you’re not careful. We take a lot of weekend trips during the summer and if I go a few weekends in a row hoping it’ll rain or forgetting to ask my neighbor to water, I’m in for dry and disappointing containers!

My herb containers are small so they dry out very quickly. The last time we headed out of town for the weekend, I tried a new method: upside down bottles. I grabbed a few old wine bottles and beer bottles, filled them with water, and stuck them upside down in the soil in my smaller containers. Voila!

The water in the bottle will slowly seep into the soil, keeping the soil and the roots consistently moist for a couple of days. If you’re gone for a whole week, you still might want to ask a neighbor or a friend to check in on your plants! I’ve also started using this method when I’m home, on particularly hot days. My small collection of herbs – basil, parsley, and mint – seem to love it!

Photos by Whitney of The Curtis Casa

5 Responses to “ An Easy Way to Water ”

  1. I fill sandwich zipper bags, fill it with water, zip it leaving a small hole at one end

  2. They are cheaper than the globe stick ins

  3. I am so glad to see someone likes the bottle idea – I have been doing it for years but my other complains how it looks and I am the only one who does this – he is not a gardener as you can tell – glad you like this idea – I think it looks pretty when the sun shines off of them and it works great for me when we have droughts – no wasting water

  4. I loved the idea of putting water in a sandwich bag and poking a hole in it. I gave up on hanging baskets this year because they were always dead when I got home after weekend getaways.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Thee is some really useful information here. I’ll give it a try!

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